What are you working on this week? (w/c 9 September)

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Hi makers! I'm focused on podcast partnerships this week for Product Hunt radio. I'm reaching out to tech podcasts to swap promo ads and reaching out to media platforms to swap content generated from our interviews. What are you working on? Let's keep each other motivated 😎


Yusuf Giftworks
My users are asking for certain features on Founder Hill, so I'm working on implementing them, and I have just finished one last night, and it happened to be dark mode! Check it out here, and let me know what you think! https://www.founderhill.com/star... A few more features to go :)
I had the idea of a website for founders and makers that summarizes in 3 min reads the best guides/articles in all the topics relevant to starting and growing a startup. I spend hours every day trying to learn new topics, and I feel like too much of the content is written for SEO purposes. I would cut out all the fluff and keep just the relevant information. Right now, I am trying to understand if there is a need for this. If there is, I will build it this week.
@luqa Have you played around with Blinkist app that summarises books? Its great.
@abadesi I am a subscriber. I personally don't like it, but I understand why other people do. I use it mainly to evaluate if a book is worth reading. However, I am not trying to compete with. I would focus on blog posts, articles, case studies, and guides. The fact that people are willing to pay for Blinkist and other condensed learning apps it's something that made me think there would an interest. This plus the fact that I would use it myself. Thanks for your input and your time :D
vikas pawar
Planning to start a podcast for indian startups, can you help a little on " how to get started" TIA
Pawan Kumar
Hello Abadesi, I'm working on an eBook: 31 Actionable Ways to Improve Your B2B Sales Process.
Currently writing my first Medium article on an app I really like. Also realizing how hard writing actually is, I think I'll have to make it a daily habit if I want to improve and make it flow easier.
Karming Chin
Just recently created my own portfolio and it's live! Started to send it to recruiters out there :) https://www.karmingchin.me Happy to hear any feedback for the PH community!
Gokul NK
Working on improving the existing feature for https://learningpaths.io - Create a twitter thread from all your highlights on a page. Video Demo -
Matt Henderson πŸš€
Let me know if you want free access to https://presshunt.co/podcasts to help! We have podcasts + their emails to reach out to
John Datserakis
Hi all! This week I'm posting my app on Product Hunt. RSVP Keeper (https://www.rsvpkeeper.com) has been quite a journey over the past 4 months and I'm so happy to finally share the result. RSVP Keeper's goal is to make taking online RSVP's easier - for hosts and guests alike. Simplicity is the focus. This will be my first launch on Product Hunt - so excited! But kinda scary because this thing you've had hidden away will now be shown in the light - ha.
I'm working on a blog post about no-code hackathons, and how they promote more diversity and inclusiveness for participants.
Andrew Tye
Always fun to see what other people are working on! I'm building an app where you can see what other people think of your behavior and discover where your blindspots are. Soft launch today, hopefully launching on PH in a week or so!
Julie Gauthier
Launching my handmade and custom gifts business! Finally!
@juliegauthier2 that's exciting! What day do you launch?
Paul George
Working on updating the Uvuba marketplace MVP and the launch strategy https://www.uvuba.com
Im working on webinar for this month Inviting People across Security ,Application security, VAPT, CI/CD, Vulnerability assessment to join the webinar
Jonathan Sun
App launch for Horizan!! Nearly there :). Btw just sent you a Linkedin connection request!
Manuela BΓ‘rcenas
I wrote and sent our first newsletter email! πŸŽ‰ It's called Manager TLDR πŸ“© – a newsletter where the Fellow.app team will curate and summarize some of the best content on management and leadership! :)
Aleksander Popko
I'm adding new features to Rearview. Hopefully in next month I'll release v 2.0