Makers, who has a weekend project? What is it? 👀

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I recently bought a calligraphy set as I'm trying to do more arty stuff at the weekends. What's your current weekend project?


Akshay Vernekar
I recently bought a Drone(a tello) , planning to create a glove to control the drone with movement of my hand.
@akshay_vernekar wow that’s awesome! I find drones so tricky to manoeuvre ... do you know Imogen Heap? She’s a musician and tech maker who invented gloves to control her synths and other instruments! So cool!
Vita Benes
Besides working on Deprocrastination, I'll spend a couple hours creating a practical collection of tweets, how-to, perspective shifts, etc for myself and others as well - work name is Vita's Vault.
@vitabenes fun! So Vita’s Vault is about promoting wellbeing?
Vita Benes
@abadesi About making progress in general. It's going to be an organized collection of the most useful ideas (or tweets) I've found. Examples here
If my Amazon Echo Auto comes in, I will be revamping my first blog post to include in-depth use of the new product!
Ranvijay Singh
Wil try to do a story submission on Product Hunt.
Mateusz Goleń
We will prepare for launch on PH in next week, and this is my weekend project :)
@mateusz_golen exciting! What day you planning to launch?
Justin Hunter
My boys (8 and 5) and I are starting on our plans to build a cafe racer. So, the first steps of the project will be sourcing the parts, putting together price lists, and then deciding what design to go with. That can start this weekend, and then after that, it'll be time to actually buy the necessary parts and materials!
@jehunter5811 I just had to google cafe racer - wow that’s impressive! Have you built a motor bike before? It’s on my bucket list to make a pedal bike out of a vintage frame and spare parts.
Justin Hunter
@abadesi Oh a vintage bicycle would be awesome! And no, I haven't built a motorbike before, but I have built cars (basically from the frame up) in my younger days. And I've been riding motorcycles for 10+ years now. So it should be an interesting challenge!
Courtney Ruth
@abadesi - that's awesome! I think calligraphy is such a beautiful skill. I Recently bought a large wooden table for community dinners and this weekend I'm excited to put it together in prep for our first group of guests!
Adam Allard
Working on updates for StandUp, and a new game which is coming soon 👀
Archie Hicklin
I'm going to try and finish a font I've been working on for the past four months!
Sohaib Nadeem
Got to finish social media marketing content for a meetup regarding AWS. It has turned out interesting and engaging.
Matt Gordon
Working on a tree planting project.
Michael Andreuzza
I am building a website with themes and snippets for Bulma Css framework. It will also have resources...
Swaathi Kakarla
I'm writing an article to showcase the differences between NLTK and Spacy.
David Hannon
We've been quietly building @takecarecard ( - We've gone thru a few iterations and lots of testing. Everything is working, now in growth mode!
On My Deck
My spare time is consumed by my project/website. Next up I plan to build the mobile app version of it. This may take some time...
Andrew Medal
I'm setting up my upcoming page for my comedy book that includes prison life hacks, workouts, food recipes and slang!
working on my landing page copy in a new and experimental way by removing all distractions and asking feedback to people.
Anthony Dike 🌻🐝
Just made a blog to interview makers/entrepreneurs with interesting stories to tell. Like a podcast but in words. --
Rikhi Kumar
@abadesi Looking forward to launch this - feedbacks, advice will be appreciated.
Lara Russo
Just configured Amazon FireStick TV to show real-time dashboards that I use for my startup. Added website traffic, live stripe payments and live leads (email subscriptions) and just updated company demo page with it. Very happy with the result!