How do you plan your vacations?

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Do you find diffculty in the planning phase? I've come across a lot of discussions that indicate planning a vacation can be a nuisance ...there's an overload of information, apps etc and it can take hours and hours to plan the "perfect" vacation. So is this accurate? And how are you currently solving this problem?


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I'd say that a "perfect" vacation probably is very different for a lot of people. For example I am currently on my vacation and just wanting to read books, work on projects and go running. But I am assuming that you mean travelling and in that case I guess it could be a bit overwhelming with all the information that we have available, haven't really tried any travel apps, but usually first thing that I do is check for the tickets and I usually use Flysiesta.
@austrisbalodis Thanks for the feedback! Hope you're enjoying your time away! Spot on with defining perfect ..if there is even such a thing right lol ... Is there any particular reason you have not tried any travel apps?
Electronics Engineer, with a bit of ADD
@ubuntu I guess in my case it just comes down to preference, I usually get the most input from people I know and then just find the rest online.
@austrisbalodis Thank you! :)
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I don't struggle with planning. I tend to default to the same sites to buy flights and Airbnb for accommodation. Or I often travel to stay with friends. Perhaps if I did more complex trips this would change, for example I'm hiking in Chile later this year and for the first time had to use more localised service providers, making calls to campsites etc. In this case travel blogs and word of mouth have helped me get tips I need.
@abadesi Thanks for the insight! Do you frequently travel solo, group or a 50/50 mix? If there was an app that provided a single touchpoint to plan your entire vacation would you use it?
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- Google Calendar (I attach tickets and note down info in the event entries) + Momondo to keep track of flights - Travelchime to get a feel of the area's interesting places to visit I don't create an exact itinerary though. It's important for me to have all the tickets and maps and basic info that I need handy (aka on my phone), but I hate "having" to visit certain places at a certain time. Holidays are about being (or rather feeling) relatively free, like you can do exactly what you want to do. I'd love to give 1.0 Travel a try soon but haven't yet!
@anna_0x totally agree that holidays are about being relatively carefree and not so planned out. If there was an app that provided a single touchpoint to plan your entire vacation would you use it? Do you prefer solo trips, group trips or a 50/50 combo? Thanks for sharing the sources I'll take a look at them.
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@ubuntu you’re welcome! Yes, I’d totally use that app. In fact, I’ve been searching for one and haven’t found it yet :) You intend to make it yourself? When Google Trips was announced I thought THIS IS IT but that was sadly not the case and the search continues 😞 I prefer to travel with one other person but sometimes have to travel by myself for work. Group trips can be fun I guess (tried it once) but pretty hard to get everybody to agree on what to do. That’s where the biggest amount of coordination and shared notes and stuff is needed.
@anna_0x Would you be interested in chatting and reviewing the prototype? I am available this week if that works. Friday morning would be ideal:) Let me know!