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Search and compare billions of flight and hotel prices all over the world from wherever you are, faster than ever before. It is free, easy and fun to use and you can save on your next holiday, vacation or travel!

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This product has been around for years. Has something been updated?
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How does Momondo compare to Hipmunk and Skyscanner? @computingfreak
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@abadesi sorry for the late reply. the date-vs-price slider, vacation package search, discover places by type (adventure mode - beaches, nature, ski, urban/city) and trip finder by budget are all unique to Momondo. on skyscanner you can get cached prices (most often not all dates are cached), in a grid format (like itamatrix). Momondo itself offers comparisons with Priceline, Expedia, Cheapoair and Orbitz. I must also mention that Hipmunk also offers vacation package search and comparisons with Priceline, TripAdvisor, Travelocity, Expedia, OneTravel, Orbitz and Cheapoair. Besides, watch this video ->
and check this page for something good that they are doing ->
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My favourite flight search engine besides Google Flights. Great product, good UX! Pretty popular in Germany at least.


Good UX, feels also more accurate than others with more options


I guess there are still few cheap airlines that don't show up on Momondo, but they don't do also on other sites (except airlines own site)

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Best services and book tickets at reasonable price.

used the product, satisfied with their efforts on the product


Really amazing user interface with great support for user in comparing the flights


Should use more flights to compare

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