Would you use an app that provided a single touchpoint to plan your entire vacation?

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Rushi Jash
I believe vacation is something that needs to be lot personalized. Plans, budget and interest varies person by person. Happy to learn more about it though! :)
@rishijash Couldn't agree more with you...no cookie cut model..it needs to be specific to each traveler. The concept I am working on would allow each traveler to curate their own trip. You pick what you want...the twist is that it's all available in one place. Personally when I plan a vacation, especially with friends, there's usually 7 apps involved, missed text, repeat texts, Google sheets etc etc... Basically a lot of moving parts lol. Planning is half the battle so trying to provide an easier way to combat that while you remain in the driver seat. With that in mind, would this be a product of interest to you? What questions come to mind with what I've shared. Thanks so much for your feedback!
This is what travel agencies do if you think about it, and I don't use them because I like to curate trips exactly to my taste and my budget.
@abadesi True, true.. Same for me. The breakdown I gave to @rushijash is what I'm working on. With that mind, what are your thoughts? Thanks for your input! Your trip to Chile sounds like so much fun!! Adding to my vision board :)