How do you define the role of Product Marketing?

Richard King
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One question I'm always fascinated by is how product marketers define their roles. We’ve all got different experiences with what product marketing is and should be. So I decided to establish the State of Product Marketing Report 2019. 600+ respondents, all product marketers, chiming in about their work. There’s never been a more direct look inside the product marketing craft than this. The results were just released today on Product Hunt. I want to know if people in product agree with the results or are surprised that the general consensus is that product marketing should be seen as a more strategic position? Product Hunt link -


I suppose like many roles in startups the responsibilities behind the title could be fluid, but in my experience working on teams where this role exists, it was all about ensuring the wider community understood what the product does and how it's used 😊
Richard King
@abadesi Great definition, you'd be surprised how many people this it's a content marketing role. It's still quite misunderstood.
Richard King
We define PMM as the strategic lynchpin for sustainable business growth