What is the best possible Spotify playlist for productivity 🎵

Gabriel Bujold
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Happy Monday! There are possibly dozens of articles about which Spotify playlist is the best for work. Today, I'm asking YOU guys about it. What songs is empowering you to build amazing things? On my end, I'm listening to a playlist called Total Dedication; https://open.spotify.com/playlis... It's alright but a bit short.


Kathryn Price
This is Hans Zimmer is a great one. The Dunkirk track alone turn even the simplest task into a race against time. It's great!
Victor Khodalov
Not sure bout the playlist. But if Productivity is required LifeViewer gonna help. LifeViewer
Alice Ciuclea
For work? No song is good for me when i'm working. Each time i hear music i start day dreaming about doing something else. For working out, on the other way, every song is good for the same reason, i start day dreaming and the session is done in seconds.. if only it could work like that when i'm working.. :)
Gabriel Bujold
@alicec You could try listening to a White Noises playlist. I have some colleagues that are also unable to work with musics and white noise works for them :) — Agreed for the workout session
Alice Ciuclea
@bujold19 That's actually a good idea. I am going to try it out these days and see if it works for me. Thank you for the suggestion :)
Alice Ciuclea
@bujold19 Hey. Tested some white noises playlists for work focusing but none really worked for me, they were actually making me kinda stressed. Still, this was worth to be tested, so thank you again for it. Guess i'll have to keep working in silent mode :))
Gabriel Bujold
@ericlafleche I was listening to the Brain Food(I'm guessing that's what you meant) a while ago. I might re-check it out. Thanks!
Joseph J. Lam
I play this playlist of piano songs everyday and keep it on as I work: https://go.joejlam.com/mauipiano I very carefully curated this with a friend over several months and will continue to add to it with a high bar for only adding songs with a vibe that matches. Hope you enjoy!
KachurMTB 777
i like to listen to music without words, just a melody. something from instrumental music. it helps me stay productive all day long
Mark Christian Calugay
@bujold19 I've always found spotify:playlist:1OPDOBGsUSfKiWGhrbsgHl to be of great help. Hook that up with a pomodoro app and your day is set. Well at least, that's what works for me. Haha
Daniel Tuttle
I like pretty even handed beats that aren't too engaging. I put this playlist together to help with that. https://open.spotify.com/playlis...
Gabriel Bujold
@danielctuttle It's important to find the sweet spot between a beat engaging enough and not too much. Thanks! :)
Daniel Tuttle
@bujold19 Absolutely! My tastes might be a little edgy for some people but I try to keep this playlist pretty even handed and non-distracting. I've been maintaining it for a while.
Deej Tulleken
More famous in its YouTube incarnation, but now available on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlis...
Deej Tulleken
@bujold19 Ah, well you may already be subscribed to this one too, but just in case: https://open.spotify.com/playlis... The official playlist has around 200 songs on a rolling basis, but some hero has decided to archive everything in the rotation in a separate list (800+ tracks).
Melissa P Grant
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