What problems do you have with remote teams?

Inal Karov
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Not being able to hear back instantly!
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Personally don't see any problems that cannot be solved with the right communication and tools. However, one slight downside is not getting a chance to see your team mates IRL as much as you'd like to.
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When half of my former team was remote, I honestly found one of the most challenging things to be coordinating time-zones for team meetings. There are tons of apps for that but when you're working with more than 2 or 3 time-zones it becomes much more difficult!
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On remote work, you should definitely read the report by FYI. Among the main challenges with remote work, it highlights:
  1. Communication
  2. Social Opportunites
  3. Loneliness & Isolation
Have a read: The Remote Work Report πŸ‘‹
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Hmm I sometimes wonder if small remote teams aren't as close as small teams in an office, I don't know if there's value that comes from closeness though, like a positive correlation with productivity for example. But if someone craves a team they can feel close to that might be a problem they encounter on a remote team.
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Language barrier can be an issue but a bit of patience solves everything. Biggest issue has been adjusting to different time zones and working around the clock, but seeing results just makes it all worthwhile!