What is your beverage of choice when trying to be productive?

Gabriel Bujold
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I'm working on a study on how to achieve the best overall productivity while working remotely. I'm also wondering what type of drink people prefer to perform their best work.


Ferenc Forgacs
I used to drink coffee for years but I stopped it about two years ago because I felt that it doesn't have a great effect on my productivity nor my blood pressure :D After I had my cup of morning coffee instead of becoming energized I was kind of angry and stressful. Probably because of the caffeine, so I switched to water. But I don't think drinking water does anything to my productivity. I'm not completing more tasks because I had a great glass of water.
Gabriel Bujold
@feriforgacs Cool! Thank you for your feedback. I tend to drink more when I'm working, so a glass of water might help a little bit. About the coffee, I just make sure that I drink it between my cortisol production time.
Eldwin C
Matcha tea with chia seeds. Matcha is basically green tea's older, more handsome brother. Green tea comes in little crushed leaf particles stored in a tea bag and matcha comes in powdered form. When you steep green tea, you end up consuming dissolved nutrients from the tea bag (but you do not consume the tea leaf itself). When you drink matcha, you're essentially drinking the entire leaf (as it's ground into a fine powder). Thus, you get more caffeine and significantly more antioxidants and nutrients as you're basically drinking a vegetable. It's also proportionately more bitter, but not as much as black coffee. The matcha drink itself has a deep emerald color - very pretty I would say. It's basically the angel version of black coffee. And lastly, add in chia seeds (that have already been steeped in water of course) for additional nutrient ZAM. I personally practice intermittent fasting (for weight control) and so the seeds keep me not hungry until lunch. *For those unaware, I'm a matcha-chia tea fanboy of sorts. I hope this beverage idea can help others :)
Rishabh Gupta
Tea instantly takes away the somnolence
Gabriel Bujold
@rishabhg17 What kind of tea do you prefer?
Rishabh Gupta
@bujold19 which beverage do you prefer?
Gabriel Bujold
@rishabhg17 I'm more of a coffee guy myself even if I enjoy green tea, but sometime, I mix an organic energy drink with kombucha. Feels like a power drink.
Ross Baltimore
I actually think that Mushroom Coffee from Four Sigmatic works well. I say "actually" because I find most drinks that I've tried or have been recommended don't really do much. There is a little bit of caffeine, but not as much as a cup of coffee. I haven't bought a box of it in a while, but every so often I come back to it, and it rarely disappoints.
Jake Tital
Yerba Mate - Blueforia for the win