What do you think about launching a beta program during covid-19?

Edoardo Bevilacqua
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Co-Founder of Meta Nutrition
Depends on what industry...? What's your product?
Unfortunatlty it is about holiday organization. But I would like to have some beta feedbacks before opening the app the everyone (when covid is over)
taking events online
about to launch one in the events space. Looking some guidance to launch here on PH
Developer of games
It is unknown when this infection will end, in the beta version I think you can run
I launched Crowd Quiz because it helps people that are isolated have fun: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
@theprojectabot1 You're saving the isolated world from insanity 😝
I think it's a great opportunity to make something remarkable. Think about your target audience. What do they care about at the moment. How can you be helpful to them at this moment
@4th_roommate I guess that at this moment none care about travel. We can just provide the app preview for free for people passionate about technology and the sector
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What problem does your product solve. If the problem exists: 1) Before, during and after COVID - SHIP 2) Problem only exists now during COVID - SHIP 3) Problem only exists after COVID - SHIP If the CODE is ready - SHIP it. Not all products have to cater to the COVID pandemic. You still want to get early users. Even if it's a few. Getting product in the hands of users is way more valuable than some perfect time.
@adrian_cole2 Thanak you Adrian, that is a great advice!
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@edoardo_bevilacqua No problem. Good Luck