Staying inside in front of the screen all day can be hard! 🥺 What would you say? Just...

Robin Nessensohn
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Outside time is key! I go out doors even if its just for a minute.
Ari Bencuya
I'm too scared to go outside. I opened the window in front of my elliptical machine on the 10th floor of my building.
Robin Nessensohn
@thebencuya I completely understand! I need to go for walks at least once per day but just avoid people when possible.
For the lazy ones staying inside and try to workout (like me sometimes) "The Scientific 7-Minute Workout" is great. 12 exercises deploying only body weight, a chair and a wall, it fulfills the latest mandates for high-intensity effort - all of it based on science. no matter what, keep that body movin, because sitting all day will have real consequences.
Robin Nessensohn
@boraoztunc thanks for sharing! even though I do go for walks every day it would still be good to do some more workout as I'm sitting a lot!
Damla Yıldırım
Hey Robin, I hear you my friend. It's very hard to stay home all the time. I want to go outside for a walk but scared also. I try to do something like that. I go for a walk every 2-3 days but I try to prefer quite hours that not many people are outside. Fresh air feels amazing! The other days which I am inside, I exercise with our app MoovBuddy. (launched here 3 weeks ago :) ) Stay active is very important for physical and mental health. Hard times for all of us, we have to stay strong. We will get through this together!
Robin Nessensohn
@damla_yildirim1 Hi Damla thanks a lot for sharing! I completely agree, fresh air and movement is so crucial! And I think as long as people are careful it's ok to also go outside! I will definitely have a look at MoovBuddy!
Güner Bayram
Hey @robin_nessensohn just a little addition to my colleague @damla_yildirim1 comment, we are working hard to make feel people relaxed and active with MoovBuddy. Just have a look at MoovBuddy
Robin Nessensohn
@damla_yildirim1 @guner_bayram Thanks Güner! Will definitely have a look! Great that you are working on something that helps people stay healthy!