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Hi Makers! This thread is dedicated to you if you are: (1) launching soon or recently launched (2) looking for beta users (3) asking for feedback on a landing page First, start by helping out another maker. You can check out their launch, give their product a review or share a comment on their launch post. Once you've helped someone else out, share your product link here and BE SPECIFIC about who your target audience is and how we can help. 😊


Aliaksei Kulbei
Launched Probe recently - We wanna create All-in-one SaaS analytics. So that you can get advanced analytics without cost of own analytics team. Would love to hear your feedback guys, also if any of you is in early stage and would be interested to use the product - happy to make a spesial offer.
Aliaksei Kulbei
@ampstor_team @anitakirkovska great! If you would like - we can have a call, will be glad to help you get up and running and also perhaps I could help you by sharing my past expirience from working at Base (acquired by Zendesk '18). Just let me know
Anita Kirkovska
Sure! Have me in mind. We are currently implementing Stripe so we don't have data, but I would definitely want to try it out when we have!
Aliaksei Kulbei
@anitakirkovska great, I will follow up with you then in a week or so. You can use demo mode in meanwhile - it is on by default!
Sehaj Singh Kalra
@aliaksei_kulbei Looks interesting. I'm new here of pls help me understand : Is this forum primarily for recently launching or not necessarily. I see Probe launched 8 months back. P.S. : You have me as an upvoter and a Probe user :)
Hi, The BackWatcher desktop app aims to fight against bad posture and protect your health when you use your computer. Would love to know if the app is easy to pick up and if the landing page is clear about the value proposition.
Marvin Danig
Hi @shaker_curious BackWatcher looks quite helpful. I spent a little time on your website and here is my quick takeaway: it is not clear how BackWatcher works. Does the app use a hardware tracker to determine the sitting posture or does it use computer vision to look at the arc of the neck or head? It will be more convincing to buy into this if the process of how it works is explained front and center on the homepage.
@marvindanig Thanks for your feedback. Hardware free feature is not highlighted enough. Tbh the real explanation of the software is on the software itself. I avoided explaining it on the website because I feared to overload it.
Jack Rich
Hey all, we've just launched TealBox this morning: It's a remote work tool for crowdsourcing and prioritising improvement initiatives. Would be great if people can click around our live demo and share some feedback :)
Neha Gupta
Hey Checkout Connecton on Mac app store. Make/Receive phone calls on Mac.
Anita Kirkovska
Hey hey! I am launching A no-code tool where you can build stories as a web page - with 0 code.
Jun Gong
@anitakirkovska Just created my first story on Ampstor. Very easy to use - love it!
Anita Kirkovska
@jun_gong I am glad that you liked it! If you want we can get on a call and I can guide you through all the features in the app, it will be my pleasure.
Jun Gong
@anitakirkovska Thank you, Anita! I will keep exploring and experimenting and will def let you know if I have any questions 🙏
Lluís Ventura
Thanks @abadesi We are just launching the preview release of our meeting assistant inside and would love to receive oyur feedback! It's open, it's free! Now with comeet you can: quickly recap the relevant decisions you took in previous related meetings? quickly see a list of pending actions from all participants? have a list of the actions you promised to the participants so that you don't drop the ball? And also, see the impact/cost of each one of your meetings. This plus agendas/next steps and meeting feedback, and everything inside your GCalendar.
Matthew Behan-Fossey
@lluis_m_ventura Some initial feedback: I didn't know what the product was at first glance - I found it very funny that your "book a demo" link takes you to a calendly page :). After some digging I got a better idea of what it did - my advice would be to make it extremely clear what your product does right off the bat. Ex: instead of "Stop the meeting madness." (Which could be anything) say something like "Bring clarity to your meetings" and then a description in the sub heading. Just my thoughts :)
Fekry Aiad
I have launched Work From Home kit to help companies go through Coronavirus crisis smoothly as they work from home
Polly Cannella
@mohamedfekry I really like this and think there is a great need right now. Just with your product hunt link - maybe include a few more graphics. It is a little hard to "see" what you have created.
Polly Cannella
@mohamedfekry Thank you so much for your feedback. I updated the image. It looks like I can only upload one image? But I made it more clear hopefully. Let me know what you think. :)
Matthew Behan-Fossey
Hey Makers! I'm building Partizion because I needed a simple way to save tabs that I wanted to open again later. Chrome Extension: Website: I would love any feedback on the product - I'm trying to iterate and improve :) Cheers!
Mitch Gillogly
My team is considering pivoting. If you have a couple seconds would you mind taking our validation survey? Thanks Blue Apron for Pickup | Half the Price/Exponentially More Choice
Mukul Chaware
Hello, I recently launched 'PRCLbot' ( - an easy-to-setup GitHub app to automate changelog generation flow from merged pull requests to keep the team connected with recent changes and to help you gain insights from it. Would love to hear your thoughts/insights/feedback on it. :)
Joseph Whyles
Hi! We are launching our talent hiring platform tomorrow! Looking to reach startups and SMB's under 250 employees looking to affordably source candidates, simplify their candidate management and selection processes. We are offering a 50% lifetime offer exclusive to product hunt. This is on top of a free two week trial. In your experience what offers seemed to work for you guys to encourage people to try you out?
Aliaksei Kulbei
@joseph_whyles congrats with the launch! In the last startup I worked with interview scheduling was a challange sometime, so def can relate to the problem you are solving. One thought on your title - 'The fast & simple way to scale your startup' - mbe it is just me, but for me 'scaling your startup' - has kinda very little to do with hiring, but more with growth. It makes it a bit difficult for me to understand that your product focusing on makind hiring process easier. As a side question @joseph_whyles, im doing customer research, what do you guys use for business analytics at the moment?
Joseph Whyles
@aliaksei_kulbei thanks for the feedback. Yes we have done a lot of research over the last 12 months or so on how best to communicate our message and what we have found is the direct impact that good or bad hiring has on business growth. However, we certainly will continue to find ways to refine this so thank you for highlighting. In terms of business analytics - chart mogul we use for revenue analytics. Does that help? What type of business analytics are you referring to?
Aliaksei Kulbei
@joseph_whyles i c, yeah. Like one example - 'The fast * simple way to scale your team' or 'organize your hirigin' - for me personally would be clearer and close to your product. Yeah, that helps. We are building - where we want to connect different data sources together so companies can see them in one place. Like for now we are connecting Financial metrics and Customers support metrics and give very convinient way to access data. So customers do not need to visit different tools to understand what is happening with their business. If I may - one more question. We wanna give people ability to see what happens with a specific customer. Like what are financial kpi / quality of support / product usage of a specific customer. Do you think something like that would be usefull for you?
Andrea Fancinelli
Hi guys! I recently launched newsTeam - - a new way to manage your sport team and engage players and parents. I'd like to hear your feedback and suggestions.
Polly Cannella
SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES We recently launched Lokii - the local marketplace app - to help small businesses in this time of need. - Search for local goods in your area, on a list or map view - Be linked directly to their checkout page to buy Current Target: Females 20s - 30s in the Los Angeles area. Looking to expand in other areas + include a wider demographic soon, so please try and give feedback from across the board. Thank you, Lokii Founders Polly & Ryan :)
@polly_cannella Hi Polly, I love the idea. Even though I'm not from LA, I'm still your potential target audience (females 20s-30s). I think that this solution will help local small business a lot - not only in these difficult times - It will help anytime. What I really enjoy about small local businesses (as a consumer) is that you always find some unique products :-). So this is a great way how to reach out to even more local businesses I'd love to give feedback to your app but in my location isn't not available. I checked the screenshots instead and it the design looks clear, minimalistic, user-friendly and I can imagine browsing the app for a long long time :-).
Polly Cannella
@nikola_stankovicova Hi Nikola, Thank you so much for your feedback. We are hoping to expand pretty rapidly. Our next market is SF! I love that you used the language "unique products" - and think that could be a good add to our marketing copy in some way. I do feel like a lot of the products on Lokii are similar to Etsy where you can find unique goods that you can't find at say a Target. Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback.
Launched @the_roundupp It’s no secret Sports dominates conversations from the classroom to the office, unfortunately a majority of people are left out - and that’s where we come in! We’re here to spark conversation by creating a more inclusive environment through our newsletter. Think theSkimm but for sports. Looking for growth tips, feedbacks etc. Check out past newsletters on our website:
Umair Saleem
Hare I m. I want to start a YouTube tech chanal but I don't have sufficient amount of money to buy a mobile unit for review.
Angela Gyetvan
Hi, folks. We're still looking for beta users for Friyay - but more importantly, we feel it's an excellent tool to organize any kind of distributed team, and we want to help out during this #crisis - so if you have friends who are coordinating volunteer efforts, schoolteachers who need help sharing info or building a virtual community, or a local political advocacy/political campaign that's organizing virtually, please send them our way - we're expert #projectmanagers and will help them set up a space and show them how to use it. Thanks!
Jake Tital
Getting excited on launching my youtube advertising software here!
Marvin Danig
heya everyone! just love the products being built here, keep trucking it folks! If it helps, I am up for trying out your alpha/beta product and share a quick feedback with you. pm/dm whichever way you like.
Rodrigo Mayen Hess
Hi! We recently launched Accointing 2.0-a cryptotax platform and portfolio management tool. It would be great to hear your thoughts. I will give a discount for feedback.
I'm currently working on, a directory listing for robo advisor product/services to make it easy for users to compare and find detailed infomation. It's not launched yet as it's still at very early stage. Would love to hear your feedback on how this could be useful to you.