What are some innovative launch activities you've done that were successful (or not so successful)?

Amrita S
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What were the challenges? How did you measure it?


Ryan Hoover
We're trying something new on Twitter by building a following on Twitter first. The next step will be communicating with those followers via DMs. Our hypothesis: Open rates and engagement will be dramatically higher than email subscribers.
Amrita S
@rrhoover I am have been trying something similar on social media groups to increase the sign-up. And found much more success than email outreach.
Jen ✏️
@rrhoover that's an interesting approach. would you get marked as spam if you start messaging a few thousand people on Twitter? curious how you'll get around that.
Pawel Kadysz
I was trying to get some extra traffic to Tookapic 3.0 - it's a platform to document your daily life with one photo a day. So for two months I took photos of me doing just mundane stuff dressed as... Darth Vader: https://tookapic.com/dvader?stre... My final photo was posted on the day The Force Awakens premiered. So the timing was really good. The project went viral with ~12 million overall reach (according to BRAND24). I did some national tv appearances (news, morning shows), live radio, countless articles, dozens of newspapers, (one front page) and few magazines. It was fun. But I wouldn't call it successful. It brought a lot of brand awareness, but it did very little for the actual success of Tookapic.