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#2 Product of the DayApril 04, 2015

BRAND24 is a social media monitoring & analytics tool to track and engage online conversations relevant to your business in real time.

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Wow! So cool to Get featured on Product Hunt! Let me know if you guys have any questions!
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Hi Michał. Congratulations on the first place among Polish startups on Product Hunt! You have just beaten Estimote Nearables. ;)
@konradcaban #sadekNieMonitorujeJeszczeProudctHunta
I've been using this for a quite a while now and I love it. It has very pleasant UX and variety of sources that could be monitored. I wish you would add some query language to filter out interesting results (-;
@supach Appreciate it!
I can recommend this tool. We've started to use it for and it is doing it's job :)

A great tool that helps me understand where and how people discuss certain topics like "Alternative to [MyCompetitorName]", "How to [Solve the problem I sell a solution to]" so I can engage personally and try to convert.


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Phrases they monitor by default could be shared for customers