Any alternative payment solution?

Amrita S
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Hi Guys, Do you have some advice on the alternative payment solution out there other than Stripe, PayPal, or Dwolla? These payment providers charge almost 3-4% fees on credit cards and wondering if there are any other alternatives and cheaper option available. Looking for your advice. Thanks, Amrita


Paypal has a product called payflow and payflow link. According to the pricing the gateway fee is .10 cents per success transaction. If the buyer is from another country there is a currency fee for 2.5% to convert it to your currency. More info here ->
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@lgmartix13 Hi I spoke to Payflow agent, and they said they only act as a Payment gateway. You still need to find a payment processor. So either you find your payment processor or do the payment via Paypal. There will be a standard fee via Paypal would be $30 per month, plus 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.