Can anyone recommend any alternative to google analytics?

Amrita S
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My product is a web app. The app is built on Vue.js and node.js. I am planning to use Google Analytics which is free and great, however, it can get confusing and overwhelming. I was wondering if there are any other alternative free tools? Url:
Vue: Google Analytics Plugin


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Maybe another question first: what do you want to track? If it's just basic tracking you could use Simple Analytics or Fathom Analytics Also thanks for vue-analytics, going to check it out for my app until I switch to something else. :)
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@keeev Thanks for suggestion will look at it. Yup use vue-analytics for vue based app.
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If you haven't already, check out Hotjar. Great alternative (or addition) to a basic analytics tool. Includes many of the basic analytics functions, as well as the more granular user insights with heat mapping, recordings, surveys, polls etc..
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@kristen_degraff I dont know if it works with Vue Based app. Will have a look. Thanks :)
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Use qualitative analytics for your website. gives you automatic event tracking with funnels and visitor recordings.