Register now for our first ever Makers virtual summit this July!

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Exciting news, makers, we are hosting our first ever virtual summit this July and I would love to see you there! You can register for free here. Expect to hear from amazing individuals from the Product Hunt network: founders, investors, indie makers and individuals on the rise in their fields: from D2C to no code to blockchain and so much more. I'm in the process of inviting speakers and would love to hear from you - who do you want to hear from at the summit? What topics do you want us to cover?


Dhruv Bhatia
@abadesi registered! Would love to hear how the product hunt network can help with raising investment, especially at a very early stage (angel / seed)
Awesome, I'm looking forward to it!
@andrefuchs thanks Andre - is there anyone you would love to see speaking?
Great news @abadesi ! Would love to hear from the PH community - how has the current situation impacted their roadmaps, plans, goals? What changes did they have to make? 🚀
Edwin Klesman
Awesome initiative. I started working (parttime) on my own company ( on providing consultancy and working on my own products. I really am interested in first-minute steps; I'm working on a technical Proof of Concept (PoC) for an AR service idea of mine and really looking on how to start getting tractions and first users when that's done.
Fantastic! A bit biased but Tyler Tringas of Earnest Capital might be a great speaker...
Adrian Cole
Hopin is an amazing platform. Highly engaging. Look forward to this.
Thank you! I registered for the Makers virtual summit...looking forward to hearing and learning from awesome speakers and connect with other PH community members~!
Ruth Romero
Muy buena iniciativa, Felicidades. Soy Webmaster y trabajo en mi propia empresa ( ) ofrezco consultoría, campañas publicitarias, imagen corporativa etc. Realmente estoy interesada en la cumbre virtual.
Joyeeta Das
Registered ! I would like to know how people made a product work in EU and US at the same time..looks exciting!!
Sophia Benhaddou
I loved when Andreas Kingler interviewed speakers at the Remote Valley Summit. Smart and inspiring questions!
Ruth Eastelow
Just registered! Quick question - what are the UK times? Don't want to miss any of it!