How do you define good UX?

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Just curious how you define or feel good UX either while building your own thing or being the consumer.


Ferenc Forgacs
@keeev for me, good UX is when I'm not confused while using a product. Like, what is this going to do? Where should I click next, am I going to ruin something if I press this? If I have any of those questions, I feel that something could be better. When I'm designing my products, I try to avoid these situations.
Billy Leung
@keeev 2 basic/related rules: 1) Don't make users think, 2) It should be intuitive and friction-less for your user to advance to whatever the CTA you want
@keeev For me it feels clean, simple and very intuitive. Its easy on the eyes and works as expected.
Astha Sharma
@keeev I'd same something simple that doesn't leave any type of user confused but is still nice to look at. Something I keep in mind is, if I was to show this to my grandpa (with limited computer knowledge), would he be successful?
Karming Chin
@keeev Understand the user journey - the different stages that they need to go through and use your sense of design to make it as intuitive as possible for them
Vinish Garg
@keeev As a customer, a brand or its audience or community makes a promise to me via its landing page, emails, or anywhere. Good UX is when that brand fulfils that promise for my expected outcomes, in context, across devices (as applicable), in the language of my choice, in right voice and tone, anytime, so much so that I am delighted to advocate it in my network and community.
Akash Mondal
@keeev user can get things done using minimum number of interactions?
Phillip Martin
@keeev from my consumer perspective I think clear and easy to use are key for me. A process where I never have to think to hard to continue my journey, no cognitive stress!! (Maybe never having to use the back button in the browser is also a good sign!)
Teri Goldfinch
For me good UX is when I am actually enjoying the product, or when I am not confused while using it. I think website that do not have a good UX should really try the feature because I think that helps change the UX a lot.