How do you deal with uncertainty in your startup?

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Working on a thing that could or should pay your bills but yet doesn't can be daunting. Especially when bills keep coming in. ;) For me, it's: - thinking that people signed up for the newsletter/beta so there is demand even though the market is super-crowded. - feedback of other founders and potential customers - setting goals and experiment so that I at least can say what currently works or doesn't.


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I find it helpful to have milestones that move me closer to my growth and revenue goals. I can focus all my activity on the next milestone, and then celebrate when I reach it, or adjust my strategy when I don't. Having focus also helps with the mental health challenges that can come with uncertainty - that way I'm not too overwhelmed with too many decisions.
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A professionally completed discovery phase can solve your problem. When you see your product is needed, you don't worry about its success.
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For me it's knowing that despite heavy advertising one week, there are still people finding and using the product! It shows that it is of actual use.