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Hi Makers! This thread is dedicated to you if you are: (1) launching soon or recently launched (2) looking for beta users (3) asking for feedback on a landing page First, start by helping out another maker. You can check out their launch, give their product a review or share a comment on their launch post. Once you've helped someone else out, share your product link here and BE SPECIFIC about who your target audience is and how we can help. 😊


Launching soon: It's an API for reducing unused CSS on individual web pages. Developers can currently request free early access if they are interested.
@vlad86 Great Landing page and great idea. I subscribed
Gustavo Martucci
@vlad86 this is super cool. One thing on my mind would be: would this make my page faster to load because there is less css or slower because it would need to wait for my backend to call your api to get the css?
@gumartucci hey Gustavo, thanks for your feedback! It should make your web pages faster because the browser will be loading only the CSS it needs. Of course, the first processing will take a bit of time but after that it will be cached by the API (CSS is relatively static resource) and furthermore you can also cache it even on your server so there will not be a slowdown at all.
Adam Liu
Hey Guys! Adam here from Remote Together! I'm creating a community and a site that helps you quickly adapt to and thrive at work & live remotely, since the coronavirus pandemic is shifting things really quick these days. I'm in China, I've experienced the sudden changes and the struggles the virus brought first hand, and I painfully understand how hard it is to work remotely, especially now, all of a sudden a lot of people are forced do so. Here's where you can learn more about it, and hear my story that motivated me to build it: Please feel free to ask any question, or share your opinions & criticisms. And Sign Up To Join!
@adamleo As remote work is increasing your idea is perfect for this days. To criticize you: I don't know if it is a priority but you could improve your landing page to highlight the most important value you bring, Who -> Why -> How As I Work most of my time at home I subscribed of course. Don't forget to look at my desktop app that enables the remote workers to be more productive and to work without threatening their health! Edit: link to the desktop app:
Adam Liu
@shaker_curious Thanks. I agree, productivity drop and mental & physical health might become an issue when you work remotely long enough.
Andreea Balasa
Great idea, @adamleo! It's amazing to see how people are coming up with great ways of helping out everyone else to cope with what's happening at the moment...
Thom Malone
@adamleo I agree with @shaker_curious here. I think what you're building is great and much needed, but the landing page reads more like an essay than it does a product. I've subscribed as well so I'm looking forward to seeing how the community grows :)
Adam Liu
@shaker_curious @thomasmalone haha thanks Thomas, improving now! 👌
Anna Grigoryan
Hey My product is community finder: http://community.engineeringrowt... Recently I discovered that I'm part of 6 different communities. They all support and connect with professionals from the industries that I work in. So I decided to create a Community finder, a place where people can find communities based on your interests. In my list, you can find community by: - industry/interests, - the platform it's running on, - membership availabilities. You can also submit your favourite communities here.
David Hurt
@angrigoryan__ Super helpful! I just moved to a new city and am looking for regional based groups. Might be another opportunity. :)
Adam Liu
@angrigoryan__ Hey Anna, I love the simplicity and the design of the site! I'm curious do you plan to add a "upcoming community" section? I'm building, if so, would love to discuss more and join!
Anna Grigoryan
@adamleo thanks, your website looks great. I would love to include it in my list. You can submit it here: https://community.engineeringrow...
Hey, guys! My name is Ksenia, I'm 20 years old. I always was really ambitious person and wanted to make something great by myself. Now I'm working on two projects and one of them is really close to release. It calls VSpace and this is web-based bookmark manager where you can group your links, share them. Here is our pre-launch page: and there you can leave your e-mail for any news. We will launch on ProductHunt in the end of March and all the support will be really helpful for us. If you want, you can check our social networks: IndieHackers: Twitter: FB: LinkedIn:
Martin Slaney
Recently launched: Culture Sprints. A 4-day process to assess, design, implement and transform a company's innovation culture. Before a Culture Sprint: there's little strategic direction on innovation, big expensive bets are randomly placed, innovators clash with business leaders and teams play it safe to avoid recrimination. After a Culture Sprint: A groundswell of autonomy, trust and transparency begins, a portfolio of cheap and quick experiments is maintained, risk and uncertainty are systematically measured, creativity is unleashed and people are inspired. We also offer Culture Sprints specially designed for remote teams. I'm looking for early-stage businesses who'd be interested in a Culture Sprint facilitation to help gear them up for growth and innovation. Https:// Thanks!!
Christopher Spiller
@martinslaney I always think it is a great idea when services can be packaged and sold to deliver 'soft skill outcomes' that otherwise are delivered via opaque, open ended consulting agreements that are very nebulous as the actual value/change they deliver. I don't know if you have a small / self-serve / light-touch option to help teams that are currently transitioning to remote work, but I could see that being an appealing group to work with. Also, I would imagine angel/seed investors might see value in recommending you to a portfolio company. I saw a screenshot that included Miro on your site - what do you and customers love most about Miro? (disclosure: We're building something in a similar space: so this is market research for me). Happy to chat anytime, message me here or via twitter (@cspiller).
Martin Slaney
@cspiller @christopherspiller Thanks so much! I'll definitely out together a light touch / self-serve version... Have been working on this today and will share details of the "Lightning Culture Jam" tomorrow - a 1-hr workshop to get the basics in place for remote team culture, with full details to run yourself or have me facilitate if needed. I'd also thought about accelerators and will be going down that route soon.
Ervin Shaqiri
Hi guys, Launched Spory recently, would love some feedback and ideas 🤗
Giorgi Burdzenidze
@ervin_shaqiri1 Probably you should develop a weight correction or something like that, ex: calorie counter. You should consider the behaviors and routine of the athletes.
Ervin Shaqiri
@giorgi_burdzenidze sounds good, the web app is meant for anyone not just athletes so the challenge here is finding the sweet spot :)
Just launched! Black + Background = Blackground. is a dark mode browser tab. Everything on Blackground is as black as possible (favicon, title text, theme-color...) with fullscreen mode and ProgressiveWebApp standalone feature. I had the idea while watching a livestream in split-screen mode on my smartphone. I wanted to keep the brightness to watch the game but also save some battery by turning the other half of the screen black. It made a lot of fun to develop it. Check it out at Please let me know what you think.
Tristan Adlington
Looking for creators and photographers to beta test Ugenly ( Ugenly allows creators to sell photos / videos to their favourite brands. It could be a photo of your favourite desk accessory, you using your favourite software, or an old photo you took of a product on holiday. We are focusing on small-to-medium, community focused brands. These are the ones who value this kind of content most. Let me know what you think!
Launching tomorrow on KS. any suggestions for a last-minute edit? Here's the draft:
Sagar Khatri
I built a Corona Virus Tracker on a weekend and launched on PH. Feedback will be appreciated.
Stefan Krastanov
We are launching today: A kit to teach the wonders of science through art and electronics! All proceeds go to Society of Women Engineers K12 STEM outreach. We are a group of graduate students that frequently procrastinate away from research by running hands-on activities for K12 students. This project is an extension of our attempts to teach science through an artistic medium, which we found to be a great way to circumvent math phobia. Any feedback would be deeply appreciated. Launching at and our home page is
Andreea Balasa
Hello PH! We have recently launched Lumio - Your Intelligent Wealth Mentor - and would love to hear your thoughts on it! Lumio is the next generation of personal finance. With all your accounts in one place, Lumio effortlessly shows you where your earnings and savings ought to be growing. 👉 UK & IOs only at the moment: Please let me know what you think! I am more than happy to answer your questions. Have a lovely and productive week! Best, Andreea
Nick Savoy
Hey everyone! We recently launched a travel inspiration startup called Avoy: register with the invite code: JET, we are a travel app for travel seekers to have an entertaining personalized way to discover hidden gems from around the world, get the best travel deals to these destinations and to be inspired for their next adventure. We are currently building an invite-only community of travelers that are passionate about exploring somewhere unique. We believe the most memorable travel experiences come when we allow ourselves to wander off the beaten path. Understanding and knowing what is happening in the world we hope everyone stays safe and we hope to inspire people to travel again and use Avoy after COVID-19. Link: Invite Code: JET Check our other social networks Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook: Hope everyone stays safe! Please feel free to provide feedback and register!
Robert Kook
Just launched a geolocation web app 🌎in the time of COVID-19 (
Thom Malone
Hey everyone! My name is Thom and I'm the founder of Ennie ( Ennie is a tool that helps small startups and co-founders improve their company culture through use of the Enneagram. It helps you understand each personality you're working with and how to get the most out of that relationship with actionable items like: how to email that person, how to present to them, what motivates them, what drains them, etc. I built it entirely through Webflow (#nocode) and I'm so excited about how robust Webflow has gotten over the years that designers like me can now create companies we envision without needing to find a technical co-founder. If you're a small startup or a team of co-founders and want to maximize each others output and relationships, try out Ennie. It comes with a free 30 day trial and your own Enneagram personality assessment!
David Hurt
@thomasmalone I was skeptical of the Enneagram assessment but after taking it and discussing with friends I thought it was really interesting! We don't have a team yet but I will probably have my co-founder take the assessment :)
Thom Malone
@david_hurt amazing! I’m still building it out and have a few more features I want to include before launching on PH officially, but I’ll keep an eye out for your Enneagram test submission :)
Voce Alem da Media
Lançamento em breve: É um Portal de Saúde para todo o povo do mundo, onde reunimos diversos produtos, entre outros, para melhorar a sua vida, se estiverem interessados.
Laura Vasquez
Hi everyone! Our product is called PPC Ad Editor, a better way to present your PPC campaigns to your clients. Our tool transforms your PPC build into an easier to understand format that your clients will appreciate when reviewing and approving your ad copies! We're looking for beta users to try out the tool and give us feedback, so check it out here and sign up please:, thank you and stay safe!
Hey fellow makers! Launching soon🚀 GraphicOne app - visual knowledge hub for non-sophisticated investors. Our mission is simple: Visualizing ideas, facts and analysis for better investment decisions. We've created an app which provides findings from Finance & Investment news from all-around the web into one feed, exclusively in visual form: graphs and charts only!📊📈 to help non-sophisticated investors navigate in the overwhelming world of finance research. We are in beta-launch stage and are very curious what you think about the existing product: all thoughts, comments, criticism and suggestions are very welcome and much appreciated! 🙏 Apple App Store (only iOS for now, sorry): PH upcoming: Website: Would really appreciate any feedback, and always here to answer your questions. Stay healthy and keep it up! 💪
David Hurt
I'm working on a new product concept and validating the value prop/intro statement. I'd love feedback on the statement and/or the actual concept itself. (Our working title is Verb Data) What do you think? "We’re creating an end-to-end solution for SaaS companies to build and maintain their user-facing dashboards and reporting features. With Verb, developers don’t need to manage servers or infrastructure and product managers can implement new reports or dashboards on the fly. Giving engineers back their time means a better product, happier customers, and a competitive advantage in the market." Thank you!