Wesley James
Wesley JamesCo-founder, ShadowBid

Best tools for finding early users?

I am looking for inexpensive ways to grow an early user base.
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    Product Hunt

    Discover and geek out about cool new products

    Irfaq Syed ⚡️
    Irfaq Syed ⚡️Founder & CEO, Lukonet · Written
    Well, You're already using the platform to ask such question. PH is the best platform regardless of your stage. You'll get great feedback from the community, grow your user base, attract some media attention, etc.
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    BetaPage 2.0

    Community of Hackers and Makers

    sivaramCofounder - HelpNinja.com · Written
    it's another site that stands next to betalist and PH
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    Twitter Live

    Twitter replaces TV. Watch live events and tweet w/ friend.

    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatiadesign @mercury · Written
    I built some relationships with my early users on Twitter for free. I did end up spending $33 on ads that were not too effective, however, I learned a lot in the process. If you're curious, I wrote about it on Medium: What I Learned About Your SXSW Experience
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    Lowercase Alpha

    Handpicked beta products from Lowercase founders and friends

    Lowercase Alpha is free (from what I understand) for founders to post on, but you'll have to know someone at Lowercase Capital (eg. @sacca, @mazzeo, @jacksondahl, or @lazalberto) to help you get onto their list. Alpha will send out TestFlight links to their subscribers, who can then download your app & give you feedback on it. Efficient, easy, but you might have to call in a favor to get ahold of someone at lowercase.
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    Discover tomorrow's startups, today.

    Irfaq Syed ⚡️
    Irfaq Syed ⚡️Founder & CEO, Lukonet · Written
    If not PH and you're yet to launch or in Beta, then BetaList is one other site that can drive decent growth to your product.