Alternative products to Square Marketing

9 alternative and related products to Square Marketing

Square Marketing
Drag & drop email marketing and automation from Square 💌
Create, send, and track email marketing campaigns in minutes. With our email marketing software, you can easily design custom email, set up automated campaigns, and see how your marketing efforts affect your bottom line—right from your Square Dashboard.
9 Alternatives to Square Marketing

Setup successful refer-a-friend style waiting lists, sweepstakes & lead-magnets in minutes, not days.

👉 It works on your website

👉 No developer needed

👉 Built-in marketing automation

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Kunal Bhatia
Kunal Bhatia
If you prefer a one-time charge for the full campaign, Maître offers a $79/campaign package.
Ayush Mittal
Ayush Mittal
I used Maitre. Super simple to install as it's a widget that can be embedded on any web page. The design/font is adapted from the block you put the code into, however, you can customise most of the stuff from your Maitre dashboard. It also integrates natively with MailChimp and supports webhooks & callbacks, so that you can really customise it they way … See more
Suitable for maximising traffic and growing an audience.
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As the old saying goes: preparation is everything, and this applies especially for PH. However, the BIG problem with PH is that you just don't know if/when someone will hunt you ( ps: never hunt your own product. More on this later.) This presents a rather high level of unpredictability and something you have to prevent.
In 2013, Mailbox was set to revolutionise productivity by giving us all new superpowers to blast through our endless email. If regular email was a Swiss army knife, Mailbox was the Uzi that'd take you from inbox zillion to inbox zero. And for a while, that's exactly what happened.
Indie Hackers
My name is Manuel Frigerio, and I'm the founder of Maître. My background is in business and management, but my real passion has always been coding. I've been a self-taught developer since the age of 15. In January 2016 I launched Maître to help businesses generate viral growth without having to write the code or hire the hosting infrastructure.
MaÎtre, a viral waiting list tool was recently launched and did what it promises to help others do. Go viral. A viral waiting list creates exclusivity and desire to try the product (as long as it is solving a painful problem in the first place).
Product Hunt
It's the catch-22 of the startup world: you want to launch something cool, but you need money to do it, but you won't have money until you launch something cool. Hey, we get it.
From testing MVP versions of your product to getting smart customer insights, there are thousands of solutions available online. How do you choose the right ones for your startup? While large enterprise services have long-standing performance track records, they do not come cheap.
The original inspiration came from Mailbox and Monzo. We wanted to create a set of tools copying the same mechanisms used by these guys. Which regular marketers or entrepreneurs, who perhaps weren't VC backed with lot's of development resource could use.
34 Alternatives to Maître Viral Referral Waiting List

Whether you’re just starting out and you need to grow your list, or you run a successful e-commerce shop and you’re looking to supplement your other marketing, our landing pages will help you get your site out of the way and focus the attention of your customers on the goal at hand. And they’re absolutely free.

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i't easy, effective, and you don't have to pay to start using it.
yes this works
Sutrishna Saha
Sutrishna Saha
This is user friendly . I would also recommend this.
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Over the past few years, we've watched e-commerce websites grow increasingly complex. And that complexity has come with a cost: What was once a simple, straightforward way to show what your store offers has become a tangled web of cross-sell, upsell, and recommendation features.
30 Alternatives to Landing Pages in MailChimp

Your emails become more powerful when they’re sent from your CRM. Create beautiful marketing emails using HubSpot’s drag and drop interface, and leverage the HubSpot CRM to personalize your message for each recipient. All for free.

Alex Birkett
Alex Birkett
Free email marketing capabilities that tie into your free CRM. Additionally you can use HubSpot's free lead capture tools - forms, popups, live chat, etc. - to basically set up a full inbound engine on your site for free
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Fast Company
Users of the free version of customer relations management tool HubSpot will now be able to send up to 2,000 emails to would-be and existing customers at no cost each month, the company announced Tuesday. The Cambridge, Massachusetts, company will also let its users manage up to $1,000 in ad spending on Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn each month as part of th… See more
10 Alternatives to HubSpot Free Email Marketing

Shopify Email is an email marketing tool designed to help Shopify merchants build meaningful relationships with their customers. Merchants can create, manage and track campaigns natively inside Shopify Marketing in the merchant admin.

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Our goal at Shopify is to make entrepreneurship more accessible, and that includes making marketing a lot more approachable. Today, we're introducing Shopify Email, an email marketing tool designed to help you build meaningful relationships with your customers in an increasingly crowded commerce landscape.
4 Alternatives to Shopify Email

Betaout is an All-in-One Ecommerce Marketing Software that has developed a Powerful Customer Intelligence and Marketing Automation Platform for E-commerce companies of all sizes. It offers detailed User Analytics and facilitates User engagement with relevant personalized communication

4 Alternatives to Betaout

Heepsy is a one-stop-shop for your next influencer marketing campaign. With advanced search filters, you can search for influencers based on industry and location. Once you’ve found your potential influencers, analyse them and organize them into lists. All you have to do is reach out and sell your brand!

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In this post, I'll review and talk about the top 15 Instagram influencer marketing platforms that you can consider for growing your brand. Influencer marketing platforms, especially those targeting the 900 million monthly active users on Instagram, have boomed over the last 12 months.
7 Alternatives to Heepsy

Zoho MarketingHub is an all-in-one marketing automation software for faster business growth. The data and metrics collected can be put to good use by designing web engagement flows.

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La tappa italiana della serie di eventi Zoholics è l'occasione per presentare nuove soluzioni e per fare il punto sullo stato di salute della società: 45 milioni di clienti nel mondo, 40 app per il business erogate in cloud (tutte create con tecnologia propria) e una ricca comunità di sviluppatori e partner.
Gold Coast, Australia, May 22, 2019 --( Visual Marketing Australia is pleased to announce that the newly-launched Zoho application, Zoho Marketing Hub, is available to Australian organisations immediately after being released on the global market. The Zoho New Application Marketing Hub is a comprehensive marketing automation piece of software that … See more
Prolific London
Skip to main content Martech company Zoho has unveiled MarketingHub, an "all-in-one" marketing automation platform. MarketingHub incorporates a number of marketing tools that allow users to run multiple campaigns across several channels while monitoring their success centrally. The platform incorporates with existing Zoho offerings such as Zoho CRM.
Just like full-stack marketers, Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP) are versatile applications that cater to different marketing activities. In this article, we share six best MAPs for full-stack marketers. Full-stack marketers are adept professionals who can manage multiple facets of marketing.
A marketer's world revolves around finding what matters most to their customers. New businesses, distinct methodologies, and complex pipelines-in the end, it all adds up to finding and engaging the right customers who will complement your brand's journey. Businesses that venture into disruptive technologies often use the term marketing automation, but the wa… See more
CRM Magazine
Zoho recently launched a new marketing platform, powered by a marketing automation application called Zoho MarketingHub, and a new commerce platform, dubbed Commerce Plus. The former enables users to execute marketing campaigns across multiple channels, while the latter leverages Zoho's customer experience, finance, analytics, and intelligence software to pr… See more
Every business functions with the goal of generating more revenue. More revenue comes from quality customers, who were often the best leads before they converted. It's a domino effect that starts right when a web visitor shows initial interest in a brand.
Run your entire business with Zoho's suite of online productivity tools and SaaS applications. Over 15 million users trust us worldwide.Try our Forever Free Plan!
Zoho has introduced the Zoho MarketingHub, a "marketing automation software that helps attract visitors to your website, turn anonymous visitors into leads and convert leads into loyal customers," according to their website. The MarketingHub is going to work with lead management, behavioral targeting, multi-channel marketing, engagement marketing, and analyt… See more
2 Alternatives to Zoho MarketingHub
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