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19 alternative and related products to iPhone Smart Battery Case

iPhone Smart Battery Case

Official Apple iPhone charger case

19 Alternatives to iPhone Smart Battery Case

100% wireless, hot-swappable smartphone battery ⚡️

Bunk is an external battery that magnetically sticks to your phone and gives you 80% more charge throughout the day.

Wireless - No cables, no fasteners, no worries.

Magnetic - Snaps to your phone effortlessly.

Auto On/Off - Starts charging when attached, automatically turns off when detached.

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For as great as they are, today's smartphones still lack in one specific and quite important aspect: battery life. In spite of all the research being currently made in the subject, the fact that batteries are not keeping up with other hardware on smartphones is undeniable.
If you are an avid smartphone user and the standard battery just doesn't last long enough for you, you may look to buy one of two options; the external power bank which can be cumbersome and an inconvenience to lug around, or the battery case which ensures that the sleek design of your phone is completely lost!
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Bunk is a colorful add-on and magnetic power pack that turns wireless charging into a truly portable solution for any Qi-compatible device.
Bunk - A wireless smartphone battery
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The thinnest iPhone battery case

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I'm in love with an iPhone battery case. Yeah, I still can't believe it either. But hear me out. There are tons and tons of iPhone battery cases to pick from. Last year, I highlighted the seven best ones for any situation. iPhone battery cases usually forsake form for function.
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This is just about the perfect iPhone case, and at $40, it's a damn good deal. Usually, battery cases are so bulky they're only good for special occasions, but not this one. I have used an early model of Innoant's Air Case for about a month now, and it's so thin, I may have picked it up even if it didn't have a battery in it.
Innoants, a startup based Toronto, Canada, has an Indiegogo campaign up for a forthcoming product that should interest a lot of people: the Air Case, which doubles the battery life of your iPhone 6/6S or 6/6S Plus and is billed as the world's thinnest iPhone case.
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