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Launch 15th product of 2018 πŸ˜†

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@juhaszhenderson wow, it looks like you have 10 more products to launch in less than 3 months :O How are you gonna do it?! Also, it's great to be making new things but how do you plan on running them all at once on the longer run?
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@amrith If we launch a product a week for the rest of the year we'll hit it! We've launched 6 in the last 6 weeks. Tbh, we're just kind of making a mess for now and worrying about how we'll clean it up later. Plan as of now is to consolidate all the products into a small handful of more comprehensive full-featured products with higher retention that we can invest more growth resources on. We have operating partners for all the non-pure saas products that require human ops, so we can continue operating & scaling those without too much problem.