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What is Investor Scout?
Investor Scout saves you hundreds of hours by aggregating data on 37,000+ venture capitalists, angel investors, and PE funds in one place, complete with their investment preferences and contact info

Investor Scout tech stack

We're aware of 9 technologies that Investor Scout is built with. Investor Scout utilizes products like Product Hunt, Crisp in their tech stack

Recent launches

Investor Scout 3.0
Investor Scout is an investor CRM and investor database for founders to raise their funding rounds. Investor Scout has 37k+ investors complete with angel investors, angel groups, venture capital funds, and private equity funds.
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Investor Scout 2.0
Investor Scout is a categorized database of 52k+ angel investors, venture capitalists, and VC funds. The database includes emails, phone numbers, social media profiles, past investments, locations, and more!
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