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#4 Product of the WeekJune 20, 2018

Investor Hunt is a database of 40k+ investors that saves you hundreds of hours of research on AngelList, Crunchbase, and LinkedIn trying to find the right investors and their emails.

We've compiled investor names, emails, interests, past investments, and locations in one place to help you get connected with the right investors quicker. 🚀


  • Pros: 

    Saving a lot of time for me.


    not found.

    As a founder, one of the common problems is lack of time. Reaching out to investors is definitely important and time-consuming. I am glad to see a product that can save founders huge amount of time because at the end of the day, time is the most important asset.

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  • Aaron TsaiAthena & Howler AI

    Really useful data; Easy-to-use UI with simple design


    None so far

    Thanks for the huge discount for PH users!

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Matt Henderson 🚀MakerPro@juhaszhenderson · Building 24 products this year (11/24) 🚀
⚡️⚡️⚡️ 50% OFF FOREVER DISCOUNT CODE FOR PRODUCT HUNT: `EARLY-PH` (expires this week) ⚡️⚡️⚡️ ----- Hey guys! 👋 Investor Hunt is a categorized database of 40k+ angel investors and venture capitalists. 🤑 Figuring out which investors are likely to be interested in your project and how to get in direct contact with them is a nightmare. All this data is spread out, and finding it pushes you down a rabbit hole of AngelList, personal websites, Crunchbase, and VC fund portfolio pages. All this can take hundreds of hours of research––hours you could be using to *actually* close rounds. For the last few years while we’ve been fundraising for different projects, we've built out spreadsheets of all the investors we’ve met with (and who we’d want to meet) complete with data like where to best contact them. Over the years, our private lists grew to over a thousand investors. After building the data engineering tools to make Press Hunt ( and Howler ( possible, we realized it would make perfect sense to use them to grow our lists of investors into a comprehensive all-in-one database. Investor Hunt is a simple SAAS product that aggregates the names, contact info, investment focuses, and past investments of the best investors in the world in one place. We’ve grown the list to 40k+ investors (~30k of them have emails, and the rest have alternative contact links like Twitter, LinkedIn, and AngelList). The database is still very much a WIP––we’re constantly enriching data and adding new sources. We’ve been using this ourselves (and have a few beta users), and have found it really useful, and it’s now 10x bigger than other investor database alternatives. Investor Hunt plans start at $69/mo, but we’ve made a special *50% off forever* lifetime discount code for early adopters on Product Hunt: ‘EARLY-PH’. This code expires this week. 🙂 We’d love feedback––thanks for the time 🙏 - Matt, David, Ermek, & Rashid
@juhaszhenderson Great work Matt, David, Ermek & Rashid!
Mike@mike_seekwell ·
@juhaszhenderson Anybody considering using this should know that response rates for cold emails to investors are very low (i.e. < 1%). If you don't personalize the email, it's going to be even lower. So if you're taking all the time to personalize the content of the email, then a small bit of time to find their email address is pretty irrelevant. This product would work great to generically email / spam hundreds of investors, but again, see my first point. Here's an example of a cold email I sent an investor that got a response. I spent 5 to 10 minutes writing it in a way that was most relevant to the recipient. Hello [investors name] - I'm Mike and I founded SeekWell. I've been reading [investors blog] since I started the company and I think we'd be a great fit at [firms name]. SeekWell is SQL / Python desktop app for analysts and product managers that is tightly integrated with Google Sheets and Slack. Users can send data from their database to Google Sheets and schedule data to refresh regularly (e.g. every five minutes). SeekWell also builds a shared code repository that lets users find snippets of code their teammates created. The snippets are automatically linked to conversations in Slack which adds context to their code and makes it easy to find in the future. I know [firms name] values data moats and I believe we're building one with SeekWell. Creating a link between natural language (the Slack conversation) and code will enable us to build models that will automate adhoc analytics and allow non-technical users to get answers by asking questions in natural language. We are x months in and have X paid users with MRR of $X (+X% MoM). Our paid customers include This Big Co (x employees), That Big Co (x employees), and Another Big Co (x employees). Please let me know if you'd like to chat and thanks again for making [investors blog].
Matt Henderson 🚀MakerPro@juhaszhenderson · Building 24 products this year (11/24) 🚀
Matt Henderson 🚀MakerPro@juhaszhenderson · Building 24 products this year (11/24) 🚀
@mike_seekwell Thanks for sharing this Mike! This is a great example of how to properly cold email. I also recommend including follow ups and using rich media like emojis & gifs (arguably less mature, but more authentic/personable). A note here that the personalizations in this email are variables you could define with a service like MixMax. Having a central place for this data is the best way to build an outreach list so you can then focus on personalizing every bit of outreach––like an assembly line. Way more efficient.
Dana Todd@danatodd · Global Traveler, Casual Gamer
@juhaszhenderson Can you sort by gender? I'm specifically looking for funds that are led by women.
Aaron Tsai@aatsai · Athena & Howler AI
Products that help founders save countless hours of mundane research are always welcomed! Looks super useful and UI is great! 🚀
Ermek Rysbek UuluMaker@bsmoder · Co-founder, General Robotics Inc
@aatsai Trying hard! UI is the key
Matt Henderson 🚀MakerPro@juhaszhenderson · Building 24 products this year (11/24) 🚀
@aatsai Thanks man!
Daniiar Moldokanov@daniiar_moldokanov · Public Policy Research Group
Hey, guys! You are doing a great job, keep on doing it! Do you also have investors from Russia or CIS?
Matt Henderson 🚀MakerPro@juhaszhenderson · Building 24 products this year (11/24) 🚀
@daniiar_moldokanov Thanks Daniiar! Yes we do––however not as many as we have from the USA
Ermek Rysbek UuluMaker@bsmoder · Co-founder, General Robotics Inc
@daniiar_moldokanov Thanks man! Grinding!
Ermek Rysbek UuluMaker@bsmoder · Co-founder, General Robotics Inc
Thanks PH! We built Investor Hunt because of how scattered investor data is. AngelList doesn’t have emails, LinkedIn doesn’t have investment focuses, and Crunchbase usually doesn’t have a complete list of past investments. Investor Hunt is an all-in-one place for that data so you can spend less time researching investors and more time building product! 😸
Matt Henderson 🚀MakerPro@juhaszhenderson · Building 24 products this year (11/24) 🚀
Alan Lam@alan_lam1
Saved me so much time
Ermek Rysbek UuluMaker@bsmoder · Co-founder, General Robotics Inc
@alan_lam1 That was our goal. It took us 1 week when we had to manually find 400.
Matt Henderson 🚀MakerPro@juhaszhenderson · Building 24 products this year (11/24) 🚀
@alan_lam1 We're glad! 🚀