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Promote your blog posts on tons of subreddits with 1 click🚀

Exclamation is the easiest way to grow your blog. Whenever you publish a new blog post, send it to Exclamation and we'll share it with a custom list of targeted subreddits. Exclamation puts your blog's growth on autopilot.

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Hey everyone! From launching our own blog we’ve discovered just how much a PITA it is to maintain it—let alone actively grow it. Blogs are great growth mechanisms for products (SEO, targeted traffic, branding, etc.), but they also require a lot of love & attention. Beyond writing the blog in the first place, you also have to get it in front of the right people. We heard all about this problem when we launched Scribble (an on demand blog writing subscription for startups), and thought we had the right background to address it. Exclamation is a seamless way to promote your blog posts on targeted subreddits. Here’s how it works: 1. Send us a link when you publish a new post 2. We’ll generate a custom list of 10 targeted subreddits for each post you submit 3. We’ll hand-submit the posts (to avoid getting flagged as spam) to the subreddits within 5 days Exclamation is for those who have enough time to write a great blog post, but not enough to share it everywhere they should. Your blog should help your product grow, not suck time away from working on it. Exclamation is really exciting when it’s combined with Scribble: essentially with these two you can automate both the writing of your blog and the promotion of it. You can just sit back, relax, and leave your entire blog on autopilot. That way you can focus on what actually matters: product & users. Would love to hear your thoughts on this! We’ll be around all day to answer questions. ❤️
This is amazing! I know for sure that Reddit is a goldmine for traffic because of all the niche communities you can find on there. I try to target various communities for my products/content and it's a lot of hard work and manual labor for a 1 person team, this will totally make my life easier.
@vd_thatte Thanks Vidy! Yeah the idea here is basically to combine the on demand blog writing of Scribble and on demand blog promo of Exclamation so that anyone can build and grow a completely automated blog that just brings in targeted traffic while you sleep.
Hey Matt! Congrats on another PITA-solution launch! This looks amazing... Two questions: 1. Is there any way to see an example? Or is there a way to access that case study referenced above in the assets? 2. Is there a free trial/ability to try it once? Thanks!
@jundishes Thanks Jun! 1. Yes you can find that case study on our website, here it is: https://medium.com/the-mission/h... 2. Unfortunately we can't offer free trials for this as every promotion costs us money to run and we're 100% bootstrapped! Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂
@juhaszhenderson I hear you. Thanks for the link. Will check it out and spread the word!
This is crazy, I can completely automate my blog with this
Nice work Matt 😄