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What is Apptension?
Apptension is a creative product studio focused on crafting innovative experiences and delivering cutting-edge tech to our partners. We work with founders, investors, and creative agencies to help them bring uncommon ideas to the market. Our partners value our outside-the-box thinking, clear and honest communication, and reliability - even in the most dynamic and time-compressed projects.

Apptension tech stack

We're aware of 13 technologies that Apptension is built with. Apptension utilizes products like Google, Hotjar in their tech stack

Recent launches

SaaS Boilerplate 2.0
A complete SaaS starter kit based on a battle-tested stack with out-of-the-box features every SaaS should have. Now free and open-source!
SaaS Boilerplate 2.0 image
SaaS Boilerplate 1.1.1
SaaS Boilerplate, a ready-to-use tool you need to build SaaS products from scratch, got even better – the latest update brings more features, higher performance, and better safety. Check it out!
SaaS Boilerplate 1.1.1 image
3 more launches

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