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The best alternatives to Tape It are songpong, Ditty, and Spire. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Tape It
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  • Make a song with your friends. Snapchat for songwriting.

  • Facebook Messenger app turns texts into pop songs

  • Professional-quality multitrack music recording for iOS

  • SongKit is a modern AI-powered songbook app for iPhone and iPad. It helps organize, view, edit and share songs sheets on all iOS devices. It works for pianos or guitar-like instruments: guitar, bass, banjo, uku...

  • Every YouTube channel, podcast, tv show, or other media endeavor needs a good, original theme song to stand out and be remembered. Each of these theme songs can be exclusively yours, and when they're gone, they...

  • Hum is an iPhone app that combines note-taking and audio recording into a single app for capturing and organizing all your songwriting ideas.

  • Wavejam allows you to easily make music from home, with your band mates and friends. Record your idea, share it, and invite others to collaborate.

  • Horucco is an cloud based app for musicians, songwriters, producers of every skill level Explore chords and discover related chords on the fly. Once you’ve found a nice chord sequence, drag and drop chords into...