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What do people think of Storyly?

The community submitted 134 reviews to tell us what they like about Storyly, what Storyly can do better, and more.
What do you think about Storyly?
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4.8/5All time (71 reviews)
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134 Reviews
Atalia Sacho
Content Specialist at Plus500
1 review
Great company, great people, great product! Highly recommended...

Julie Suisa
Content Specialist
1 review
Great interactive intuitive! Love it.

Ivan Gorshkov
Founder in Web3.
8 reviews
Great idea! It is surprising how email is still the primary way of communication for many companies and it is so boring and not easy to navigate. I think your team is moving in the right direction. Also, I am glad to see a non-ai powered launch in my feed!

Vivek Tiwari
9 reviews
Love it! It delivered a clickable thumbnail link in the inbox that redirected me to the actual story. The story is in a familiar Instagram/Snapchat kinda format and does not really feel out of place. While it obviously works well on mobile devices, it worked just as fine on PC/native. Such an innovative idea.

Veronika Leskova

SEO and Content Specialist at MailerLite

2 reviews
Congrats on the launch! As a fellow email marketing launcher today, I am excited to see how email products are smashing it! Email is here to stay and is proving to be the most profitable channel for any business 💪

Alican Arkun
Digital Marketer
1 review
Easy Integration, Maximum Engagement

anna khomaziuk

Design at Eleken.

339 reviews
great proooooduct! I like it 5/5

Penny Hartley
Technology passionate, problem solving
6 reviews
Absolutely love this, working in a small store with a limited number of employees, this is an easy and sufficient way to create customer emails that stand out - I especially enjoy that it integrates MailChimp!

Storlyly offers us so many opportunities to easily personalise content and connect with our users - providing them with information and inspiration that's beneficial for both us and them. Looking forward to explore this new product too!

Jules Ridley
anything that makes my life easier...
1 review
Best product on the market by miles - customer success team is with you every step of the way. Initial results have improved all KPIs