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What is CustomerGlu?
CustomerGlu is a Gamification-led Growth platform enabling brand marketers to create rich in-app experiences viz streaks, challenges, quizzes, leaderboards and much more - all without a developer, with full UI / Layout customization and now, accelerating workflows using GenAI.

CustomerGlu tech stack

We're aware of 11 technologies that CustomerGlu is built with. CustomerGlu utilizes products like Google, Hotjar in their tech stack

Recent launches

Glu AI
Glu AI converts a text prompt into a beautiful gamification campaign to drive user engagement and retention.
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The Holiday Sales Playbook
A masterful guide for product marketers and business owners to conquer sales goals with groundbreaking holiday marketing campaigns. Learn from the Best Global Brands and get ready-to-implement strategies that will help you eliminate all the hassle.
The Holiday Sales Playbook image
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