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The best alternatives to SLEEP by Max Richter are Brain.fm, WordPress, and Focusli. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to SLEEP by Max Richter
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  • Brain.fm - Music designed for the brain to enhance focus, relaxation, meditation, naps and sleep within 10 - 15 minutes of use.

  • Trusted by the Best. 43% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.

  • Whether you are looking to listen to rain pouring while a train rolls by 🌧🚊 or you want to turn your office into an underwater oasis🐋, Focusli allows you to mix sounds together, creating a collection of back...

  • Built with science: applies research from over 100 journal articles on music psychology & sleep New music every time: never repeats, boring or distracting DIY music builder: create music based on your choice of...

  • Listen to your favourite podcasts or music before falling asleep! sleepyTimer allows you to set a timer to stop any audio from playing on your phone after a set time. You can customize sleep actions, extend tim...

  • Sounds and stories designed with the latest clinical research to help you achieve better sleep, focus, relaxation, meditation, breathing, energy levels, and more.

  • Choose and mix from 100+ high-quality sounds to improve focus or relax. Features:  • It's free and with unlimited streaming.  • All sounds are playing seamlessly without any gaps.  • Create saved mixes by choos...

  • Explore musical ideas by creating simple musical loops right in the browser. Export your loops as MIDI files to develop them further in your favorite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).