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The community submitted 93 reviews to tell us what they like about Tab manager (inactive), what Tab manager (inactive) can do better, and more.
What do you think about Tab manager (inactive)?
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93 Reviews
Victor Nihoul
7 reviews
After using Motion for nearly a year, I can say that Motion is a great tool and has a lot of features, and it really helps with productivity. However, I feel like the product is stuck and is not moving forward except for small updates here and there. The mobile app is nearly unusable, with no integration with other tools, and the customization features are very limited.

Sebastian Campos
co-founder @ adrafül labs
1 review
It's such a great concept — the issue is there are far too many bugs and the customer support is lackluster. Absolutely unacceptable for the price.

Renato Mefi

Engineering at Gorgias

2 reviews
I really like the ability to add the to-do items and how it re organized the calendar very fast and seamlessly, the ad-hoc meeting links are also great! I dislike the push to Team features while the rest wasn't working well, mobile app really bad, everything slow, and the basics didn't see improvements for an year.

Sam Stowers
5 reviews
The fundamental idea is good. However, the product is consistently buggy, it's missing basic features (and has been for over a year), it's super expensive, support is slow to respond and is unhelpful, and it feels like the product barely improves over time. Can't recommend. UPDATE: They actually removed some functionality - used to be able to navigate rapidly around the calendar with left/right arrow keys, and now that's just gone for some reason? Contacted support, they say it's not a bug, it's just removed. Lowered from 2 to 1 star - don't use this software

3 reviews
Honestly I felt this product was lacking in features and UI compared to many of its competitors, while also being significantly more expensive.

Gabriel Radic
product guy, dad, entrepreneur
11 reviews
* iOS: add support for sharing *to* Motion from other apps with the native Share feature * Improve recurring tasks management. That popup doesn't do justice to this super feature * Keep only one UI for editing (recurring) tasks, it's very confusing

Josh Liebster
6 reviews
While I LOVE the auto-rescheduling, the fact that it doesn't allow for task ingest/sync with other productivity tools and services is very, very frustrating and still contributes to me feeling scattered and disorganized.

Jonas V. Madsen
1 review
Motion for Firefox is not available on Firefox... What?

Patrick Kurmann
Father of three kids from Switzerland
9 reviews
Motion, the AI-assisted daily planner, has made remarkable strides in recent months. The iOS app has undergone a complete redesign, and it's significantly more effective than ever before. Earlier, the iOS application served primarily as a 'read-only' view of the day, but now, I can efficiently create and manage tasks directly from my iOS device, enhancing its versatility and utility across platforms. The system facilitates task creation, allowing me to assign priority, set a deadline, estimate effort, and link it with a project. Subsequently, the task is automatically scheduled for execution. This auto-scheduling is a standout feature, making task management more seamless. Despite the higher cost (though a 40% discount is available on the annual subscription), the value proposition of Motion is robust. The platform excels in project management, offering highly functional features and workspaces. These tools help distinguish personal and professional tasks, adding a degree of professionalism that sets Motion apart from other AI task planners. However, a significant drawback is Motion's extensive user permission requirements when connecting with Outlook. Because of this, my company didn't approve of Motion's use, while other tools such as Sunsama were permitted. This limitation restricts my usage of Motion. Nevertheless, I must express that Motion is truly exceptional and continues to improve. The team's dedication to enhancing the platform is evident, and I commend their efforts. Thank you for your work.

Aidan Pratt
7 reviews
Review of Motion 2.0
This product is a clear winner.