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The best alternatives to LightNote are JoyTunes, Touch Pianist, and ScoreSkills. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to LightNote
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  • JoyTunes makes it easy and fun for anyone to learn piano! Learn piano with our piano apps that automatically detect notes played on real instruments providing you with instant feedback. With thousands of songs ...

  • Play piano like a pro without playing piano.

  • ScoreSkills is the only music education app that trains your music transcription (writing) abilities as a core part of learning. Practice reading, writing and listening and join our community of music learners

  • A one-pager that references major and natural minor scales. Play the pitches of the scales directly in the browser and see the layout on a piano keyboard.

  • Songmine is a free online tool for discovering and recording chord progressions with your favorite DAW.

  • Computer generated music for sight reading practice

  • Up until now, teachers would have to either make use of the pre-made worksheet libraries bundled into current sheet music software, spend hours searching the internet, or make their own using tools not up to th...

  • Management software that allows you to visualize a business. Let's assume that the basics are the same Let's assume that all companies have customers & they all have expenses and sales. Focuses on data visualiz...