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Buyer Intelligence for Revenue Teams
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What is Humantic AI?
When you don't know your customers, you lose deals. Humantic AI's buyer intelligence ensure that you truly know your buyers, how they make decisions, what moves them and what doesn’t. It’s the part of sales intelligence that you have been missing all this while: an inside look at how your buyers make decisions.

Humantic AI tech stack

We're aware of 6 technologies that Humantic AI is built with. Humantic AI utilizes products like HubSpot, Google Fonts in their tech stack

Recent launches

1-Click Personalization
There are 2 kinds of sales emails: personalized emails that take tons of effort, or quick-and-dirty emails that are destined for Spam. Bridge the gap with 1-click personalization, craft personalized emails that cater to your buyer's personality within seconds.
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Humantic AI for talent
Talent that truly moves the needle is being bombarded with messages every day. As a recruiter, how do you stand out?
Humantic AI accurately predicts exactly what a candidate values, & coaches TAs to personalize their outreach in a way that candidates respond.
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