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The best alternatives to Fretboard Learning are Fret Zeppelin, MelodiQ, and play-scales. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Fretboard Learning
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  • Learn to play a Guitar in 60 Seconds.

  • MelodiQ helps you to learn and play your favorite songs on guitar with your own AI music teacher! The app will listen to your playing and provide instant feedback on the accuracy Great For BEGINNERS and ADVANCE...

  • Learn and play chords and scales.

  • Mastering the guitar fretboard is hard. Memorizing notes, intervals, triads, chords etc. is really important to progress but also really boring and hard to stay on top consistently. Fretboard Fly turns it into ...

  • ChordPic is a completely free and by far the fastest and easiest solution. The generated chord diagrams are highly customizable and can be exported as SVG or PNG images or shared via link.

  • 🎸😎🤘 A simple web app that makes it easy to learn the notes and practices scales on the guitar. Try out different tunings and highlight/play the notes of specific scales on the fretboard.

  • Learn to Play Guitar - LEDs show you how to play

  • Learning the notes of the fretboard is foundational to unlocking musical freedom on your instrument. Fretboard Forever guides you through the daunting task using a set of actionable and measurable goals to inst...

  • A fun game to learn the notes on the guitar fretboard