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Fibery 2.0
Tired of manually processing feedback? Still using scattered tools for product discovery and development? Do you rely on traditional prio methods (or gut feeling) when it comes to product priorities? Try Fibery 2.0 and stop guessing what to build next.
Farooq (SF Ali) Zafar
Hüseyin Erkmen
Francesco D'Alessio


Product discovery & development platform.
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What is Fibery?
Fibery is a product discovery and development platform. Analyze user feedback, identify top insights, track development, and close the feedback loop.
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Fibery AI
Create a new custom space for ANY domain (🎣→👩🏻‍💻) in minutes from a simple prompt. 👽 Call AI to do things for you automatically: from summarization to information extraction. 🤓 Write and edit texts faster with a chat-like AI Assistant.
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Fibery for Startups
Fibery is a work & knowledge hub for startups, less hated than all the rest. Why? 🧶 It unites research, soft dev, sales & CRM, replacing 5+ tools. 🔗 Has nice docs, powerful databases, reports & automations too. 🧀 Free for 1 year if your startup's ARR < ours.
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