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What do people think of DigitalOcean?

The community submitted 33 reviews to tell us what they like about DigitalOcean, what DigitalOcean can do better, and more.
What do you think about DigitalOcean?
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33 Reviews
Aliaksei Saskevich
CTO at Sequoia Men's Health
4 reviews
For startups, DigitalOcean offers enough set of tools to start from scratch at low-level cost. I have a great support experience, not over-priced.

Bobby Iliev 🌳🌲
8 reviews
This is amazing!

Duy Nguyen Ngoc


1 review
Highly recommended

Jason Taylor

Objects and Order

7 reviews

Mohamed Anas FIKHI
Obsessed with Tech
7 reviews
I never thought I could manage my own infrastructure & be able to deploy apps easier than with DigitalOcean.

Ahmad Awais ⚡
VP of DevRel · Google Dev Advisory Board
61 reviews
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Had loads of fun beta testing the DO's App Platform. I believe this to be an excellent offering that makes a lot of sense for the current state of the web community.

Priansh Shah
Currently @ Aiko AI (
11 reviews
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I received an email about this yesterday and immediately jumped on. It's awesome to see DO working on amazing products like these. Great to also finally see some competition to AWS marketplace!


Robert Thelen
CEO of Rownd and Loves Data Privacy
21 reviews
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We are huge DO fans. Our entire platform is built on and running on DO. Awesome new feature!

Alex Agulyansky
Love technology and phycology as one!
1 review
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Review of DigitalOcean
I used to work with AWS for most of my professional cloud life. However, after a lot of considerations for my own business, I decided to go with DigitalOcean ! There are two main reasons for it: ease of use (that's a big one) and "they work so hard to help their clients! Great job guys!

Justin Jackson
Co-founder of
76 reviews
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