DigitalOcean Marketplace

Discover and deploy preconfigured one-click applications

DigitalOcean Marketplace is a catalog of ready-to-deploy, preconfigured 1-Click Applications designed to help you build your app, project, and business faster and smarter – tested and approved by the team at DigitalOcean.
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Nice to see DigitalOcean working on things like these that make it easier for anyone to deploy advance applications in a much easier way ✨
@amrith So glad you're enjoying it so far, thanks from all the shark team here at DigitalOcean 💙🦈

I received an email about this yesterday and immediately jumped on. It's awesome to see DO working on amazing products like these. Great to also finally see some competition to AWS marketplace!


Fast and useful!


None so far :)

Thanks, Priansh!
Another smart move by DO to make the lives of developers easier. Will be interesting to see how they expand their offerings in the marketplace.
@john_mckinley Glad you like it so far! Watch this space – what you see is just the first step :)
Useful!! Thank you
@katherine_smith1 and thank YOU 💙🦈