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What is Basedash?
Basedash is the first internal tool you don't need to build. Instead of making another internal tool builder, we’re crafting an opinionated product that adapts to your data model to become your internal tool. No dragging and dropping, no SQL, no JavaScript. It just works.

Basedash tech stack

We're aware of 5 technologies that Basedash is built with. Basedash utilizes products like Framer, Clearbit in their tech stack

Recent launches

Dashboards by Basedash
With dashboards, every team in your workspace gets its own customizable page to show data like daily signups, WAU, or anything else you store in your database. Create views and queries with AI in seconds, then build a dashboard to share with your team.
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Basedash Apps + Actions
Ship internal apps in minutes, not days.

Just connect your database and choose a layout for your data. Everything just works out of the box, from CRUD operations, to real-time multiplayer, to API calls with actions.
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