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Atoms Mask was ranked at #3 Health and Fitness for 2020
#3 Health and Fitness Product of the Year
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What is Atoms?
Ideal everyday. Atoms are the world’s first shoes to come in quarter sizes to ensure a perfect fit. The unisex shoes have a simple, classic design that works with your style.
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Atoms in Tie Dye Blue
Inspired by the clouds swirling above Atoms Brooklyn Navy Yard office, the limited edition Tie-Dye Blue is the first Atoms shoe to use a sublimation technique for the tie-dye print. Text ATOMS to (917) 540-8458 to cop a limited edition pair & matching mask.
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Tie Dye Atoms
Same Atom shoe. Crazy new color.
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Questions about Atoms

Frequently asked questions

According to the good folks over at Atoms, you can also machine-wash your masks, however, hand-washing each mask extends its longevity. They also recommend air drying instead of putting your masks in the dryer for this same reason.

Yes, the Atoms Mask is washable. After 50 washes, the inner copper layer loses its effectiveness in its ability to actively destroy germs and particles. It can still be used as a regular cloth mask, but will not have extra antimicrobial benefits. To wash your mask, Atoms recommends placing the mask in a bowl or basin, adding a small amount of your favorite soap or detergent and water, and then using your fingers to work suds throughout the mask. After this is done, the mask should be rinsed thoroughly, pat or wrung dry of excess water, and then hung up to air dry.

The Atoms Mask is made of two layers - a polyester blend outer layer, and a copper-lined ionized quartz yarn inner layer which actively destroys all germs and particles that happen to fall on the mask.

Yes, the Atoms Mask is safe. Due to the mask's inner layer which is made of copper-lined ionized quartz yarn, all germs and particles that fall on the mask will be destroyed within four hours. This effect lasts for about 50-washes, after which the mask behaves like a regular cloth mask. This active layer of defense makes the mask more than ideal for any person that is looking for a little extra protection while out and about. The Atoms Mask received the following awards:

  • #5 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on April 16, 2020
  • Product Hunt's 2020 Golden Kitty Award Winner in the Health and Fitness category