Is Atoms Mask safe?

Atoms Mask mention in "Is Atoms Mask safe?" questionYes, the Atoms Mask is safe. Due to the mask's inner layer which is made of copper-lined ionized quartz yarn, all germs and particles that fall on the mask will be destroyed within four hours. This effect lasts for about 50-washes, after which the mask behaves like a regular cloth mask. This active layer of defense makes the mask more than ideal for any person that is looking for a little extra protection while out and about. The Atoms Mask received the following awards:

  • #5 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on April 16, 2020
  • Product Hunt's 2020 Golden Kitty Award Winner in the Health and Fitness category

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Atoms Mask

Atoms Mask

Hand-washable mask for comfortable everyday wear, at cost

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