Zoho Desk

Context-aware help desk software for better customer service

Rahul JR
Elias Rocha
Ramita Rajaa
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  • Elias Rocha
    Elias RochaCS Supervisor

    Excelent application to stay in touch with your customers, many channels, issues ordered by CRM priorities, KB easier 2 use, shortcuts great


    Some sections or words are in English even when you are using spanish language

    Excellent tool for Help Desk, many more options than the old app and easy to use.

    It Would be great if Desk could have a connection to open ZOHO CRM Potentials from tickets and able to relate to agent, account, contact.

    Elias Rocha has used this product for one year.
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Pavithra Krishnaswamy
Pavithra KrishnaswamyMaker@pavz_krish
Hello ProductHunt! First off, thanks @kwdinc for hunting us. We're excited to be launching Zoho Desk, the industry's first context-aware help desk software. For businesses that want to put the focus back on the customer, Zoho Desk is the way to go. Starting from the way an agent's ticket list looks, existing help desk software fails to highlight the best way an agent could go about their day. Enter Zoho Desk, which helps agents by automatically organizing their tickets based on urgency. It gives them complete ticket- and customer-related context—that used to be spread across platforms—on a single screen. For managers, it's all about keeping track of team activity and making impactful improvements to team output. Zoho Desk brings them all the data they need, in real time, for making context-aware decisions. Zoho Desk also brings about company-wide collaboration without having to worry about timezones, meeting schedules et al. Besides this, Zoho Desk also helps empower the most important person in this story—the customer. Customer service teams will have more time and context to build a culture of self-service for their customers. So customers can find answers to questions without having to reach out to an agent. All this, and the advantage of going mobile, makes Zoho Desk truly next-gen when it comes to help desk software. With Zoho Desk, put customer service at the heart of your company. P.S.: We're available all day for an AMA of sorts. Questions are welcome.
Ian Jennings
Ian Jennings@sw1tch · Front End Developer
I get mixed reactions when I tell people I use Zoho, but I love the effort the team is putting in to update their suite of apps. It seems like every few days I open a web or iPhone app and find out it's been completely redone (Zoho Mail, Zoho CRM). Proud to be a customer and excited to see all the updates.
Pavithra Krishnaswamy
Pavithra KrishnaswamyMaker@pavz_krish
@sw1tch Thank you so much! Customers like you keep us going :)
Srebalaji Thirumalai
Srebalaji Thirumalai@srebalaji · Made in India. Startup enthusiast. Coder
The intro video is awesome. And I'm proud to say this product is made in my hometown. 😄😄
PrashanthMaker@uleadin · Wide-eyed marketeer in corporate refuge
@srebalaji thanks for your kind words! We love Tenkasi too! 🙂
Miriam Schwab
Miriam Schwab@miriamschwab · Founder & CEO, Strattic
Always a fan of Zoho. This looks great!
PrashanthMaker@uleadin · Wide-eyed marketeer in corporate refuge
@miriamschwab thanks! Fans like you keep us going strong! 🙂