Zenkit for iOS is the perfect lightweight companion to your Zenkit account.

With Zenkit, you can collaborate with your team, track projects, build databases, or simply manage your personal to-do lists. Zenkit is flexible enough to fit any workflow, and powerful enough to run your business on.

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Thanks @_jacksmith for hunting us! We’re so happy to have @bryanclark from The Next Web review our iOS app: https://thenextweb.com/apps/2017... Of course, mobile support is a big step towards improving the overall experience for our users (and therefore, Android will be coming soon too). The main focus of version 1.0 was to offer the features most requested by our users. So we concentrated on the ability to browse your content offline, adding and changing items, and push notifications. We made the decision to not support "structural changes" in the first version e.g. adding or changing teams, collections, and fields. There are features in the web app that are not yet included in the iOS app, but we will provide more and more features down the road, without compromising the simplicity of the app. We’re here to answer your questions about our iOS app, Zenkit, productivity and project management. So, fire away! We appreciate all of your support. Thanks! Martin CEO & Founder of Zenkit martin@zenkit.com
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@martinwelker The grouping option for labels is very smart, to have a section for cards that don't have the label. Very helpful.
Thanks @galtenberg! Soon we'll update the grouping option to display as Kanban, where you'll be able to see the ungrouped items, too. 🙂
Love the custom fields feature and the flexibility that comes with it. Also the bulk edit feature is awesome.
@v_braun Thanks so much Viktor! We're hoping to get bulk edits into the app at some point too :)
Nice! We at Jovo have been using the Zenkit web app for a long time and love especially the kanban + swimlanes feature + calendar. We've been waiting for a mobile app! Is it possible to add new stuff when I have bad mobile internet/am offline? Congrats on the launch 🚀
@einkoenig Yes! The app works offline 😊It'll sync up again once you're reconnected. Kanban and swimlanes are coming soon to iOS, too!
@siororke Cool! I usually tale screenshots and attach them to tasks. Is it also possible to post photos while offline? That would be great
@einkoenig You can attach images to items from your camera or from your photos. If you add a new item and attach an image directly, it'll work just fine offline :)
@siororke Very cool! Thanks a lot, will try it out later :)
@einkoenig Awesome. Thanks for your support, Jan!
Exciting to see Zenkit for mobile! The seamless switch between calendar and board mode makes for a powerful project management use case. Is an Android App in the works? Anything you can tell us about the release date?
@emilkabisch Hi Emil, thank you! Yes, Android is in the works. We expect it to be available in a few months - toward the end of this year, or the beginning of next. We're looking for beta testers though! If you're interested, send an email to hello@zenkit.com and we'll get you sorted. 👌
@emilkabisch Yeap. Need Android.
@andrew_bergson Would you like to test with us? Shoot us an email. hello@zenkit.com


very user friendly application ,well organized , fast and can work offline


nothing really important to mention , but i hope that the mobile app can add new teams and collections soon like the web app

Hi Nourhan, Thank you!! Adding teams and collections is coming soon 🙂
Good to see Zenkit on PH. They iterate very fast on the product, I really like it. I know that this version is also working on the iPad but are you planning to launch a sophisticated iPad App with more functions than for the iPhone?
@robindchnt Hi Robin, yes we do want to release an iPad app! We're hoping to make more features available for both iPhone and iPad - although I think the mind map would be great on the iPad specifically 😉
@robindchnt is there anything special on your wish list concerning iPad?