Zenkit 3.0

Flexible project management you can share with the world

#4 Product of the DayMay 23, 2019
Zenkit 3.0 is a new way for users to share their work online with published and embedded collections, a documented API, new integrations, brand new mobile apps, and more (for free!)
  • Pros: 

    Awesome Design and a powerfull tool for your business.


    It needs a bit of time to get to know all possibilities and features in Zenkit.

    I love Zenkit. At first sight, it looks like an easy to use tool but if you have worked with it for a while it's getting better every minute. It got so many features and possibilities for your business.

    Jessica Ludwig has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    The new API The ability to switch between different visual representations The mindmap view


    Out of the box conversational integration

    The API gives me a lot of control over the issues and tasks I love being able to create items on a mindmap, and switch to Kanban, then action them with a Eisenhower matrix.

    Daniel Tallentire has used this product for one year.
Hi Product Hunt! 🎉 We’re so excited to announce the release of Zenkit 3.0. Over the years we’ve worked hard to make Zenkit the most flexible, easy to use project management tool any team could ask for. This update marks another step in that direction. Here’s some of what we’ve included in this release: 🎉 Published collections: make any Zenkit collection public on its own webpage ✨ Embeddable collections: visitors can interact with collections on any website 🎨 A redesign based on the new Zenkit design framework 🤓 A publicly documented API 📱 Multitasking support for iPad 😎 'Assigned to me' filter for My Calender 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 MS Teams integration (coming soon) 📅 iCalendar subscriptions to sync with any calendar app We’re most excited about the new published collections - you can use them to easily share project updates with clients via a link, publish a roadmap online, or embed calendars to publicize events. They’re also optimized for search so anyone can find your collections in seconds (and you can add meta descriptions!). If you’d like to give it a try, you can sign up for a free Zenkit account today 👍 If you’ve been with us for a while, tell us what you think! We’re excited to see what you’ll build and share with Zenkit 3.0
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Awesome product! Been using it for maybe 2 years after switching from Trello for personal projects and organization, and I wouldn't swtich back. The biggest things for me are the ease and power of tagging and filtering and the ability to switch between views. A few things on my wishlist: app data could be quicker to load (I don't want to wait for network), I want the ability to create a field on a single card (not across the whole collection)
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@tyler_couto1 Thank you so much Tyler! We're so glad you've been with us for so long 😊 I've noted your feedback and sent it along to our dev team. If you'd like to expand on how you'd use single fields, I'd love to know more!
The Zenkit product is, in my opinion, THE leader in this 'getting work done collaboratively' world. I work for a large company which is moving forward with AGILE techniques so Kanban and concept maps thinking are comfortable here. However, the corp standard is not as nimble as Zenkit, so I still find myself leaning on it in order to run my strategies and tasks without leaving anything behind. The move toward being Microsoft-friendly is huge! Thank you. Keep up the great work.
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@karl_guenther1 Thank you for your kind words, Karl! 🙏 We're so glad to hear you love Zenkit so much, and that it helps you run your projects more nimbly. Thanks for sticking with us!
Zenkit Helps us a lot to organize our daily work and to be able to establish objectives goals with determined times.
@yojota Thank you so much Jota! I'm so glad to hear that you and your team work so effectively with Zenkit 😎
Hey, cool update guys! The mobile apps got so much smoother and easier to use 👏 Good job! Keep up the good work :)
@matthias_binder Thanks Matthias! We're so glad you like the apps 🙌