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ZenHub is a big improvement in workflow for anyone using GitHub. It enables 1) The ability use task boards INSIDE of the GitHub's native UX 2) Adds lots of features that make for navigating around GitHub much faster. Most importantly, it allows engineers and non-engineers to have the ability to prioritize and effectively manage all their GitHub issues actually within GitHub (vs. another 3rd party tool via connectors). ZenHub 2.0 adds some professional project management capabilities into ZenHub, namely multi-repo support from within a single ZenHub task board, burndown charts with time estimations, and the ability to edit GitHub issues directly from ZenHub's task board. ZenHub let's me and my team 'stay in the zone' since we run tons of company processes using GitHub. We actually end up making more use of GitHub than before because of ZenHub.
Looks really good. We use Trello/GitHub for building Product Hunt. Sometimes I wish trello were more integrated into GitHub (mention in a pull request for example, show commits in the card). So I find this really interesting. I'd be worried about it being built on top of GitHub, rather than by GitHub. Altho project management tools tend to be really sticky. Once a team is using it... a lot of work to switch.
@mscccc Hey Mike, Thanks for the feedback :) We felt similar frustration back in 2014 -- we were always jumping back and forth from our project management tools, to GitHub, and back again. Thus...ZenHub was born. If you're interested in reading the whole ZenHub story, we actually wrote about it at length here: https://medium.com/axiom-zen-col...
@mscccc Agreed. Going all-in as a 3rd party on someone else's platform can be a very brittle and tricky situation. But the GitHub team has been super supportive of ZenHub's development and ongoing progress and that's a critical difference. Both teams are very involved in the project. It's actually a great ecosystem story. GitHub has over 9M users, possessing over 50% market share of all working engineers on the planet...so they have A LOT to think about before making sweeping changes to their product. But much of the innovation and new features come from the 'low-end', i.e. the 3rd party/startup ecosystem players and partners. (e.g. ZenHub) Personally, I'd like to see more ecosystem players build on top of GitHub to make it an even more useful platform for other business processes. At any rate, more news to come from ZenHub and GitHub...stay tuned on Product Hunt :)
Hey Product Hunters! Matt here, one of the founders of ZenHub. v2.0 is a major upgrade with a bunch of new features, like… - Burndown Charts and velocity tracking - Multi-repo Task Board support - Ability to add, edit and comment on issues, directly from Task Boards I’m happy to answer any questions or feedback :) If you want to learn more about v2, check out our new website: https://www.zenhub.io/ or read this post on Medium: http://www.ze.nr/U0HSP Enjoy! Matt
love what you guys are doing :)
@nadavwiz Thanks, Nadav :) Shoot me an email at paige@ze.nr...we'd love to send something your way as a token of appreciation.
Been using it on Open Classifieds https://github.com/open-classifi... for long time now. Love it!!
@deambulando Great to hear from a long-time user. Thanks for your support. Shoot me an email at paige@ze.nr and we'll get some ZH swag to you and your team +1
@paigepaquette @deambulando ok, that sounds good! ;)