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#5 Product of the DayMay 08, 2017



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Owen Williams@ow · Building re:Charged.
This is such a dope idea, I can't believe anyone hasn't done it already!
Tierney Cyren@bitandbang · Developer Advocate, NodeSource
@ow It really is. Simple implementations of simple ideas always win. 💪
Matheus FernandesMaker@matheus · SVP, Engineering @zeithq
@ow @bitandbang thank you! It's the outcome of lots of hours of thinking and hard work from us here at ZEIT – we're very glad you like it! 💪 We have even more plans for it, stay 👂 👀
Matheus FernandesMaker@matheus · SVP, Engineering @zeithq
Hi there! I'm Matheus, from ZEIT! 😊 We first simplified deployment, then DNS, then SSL certificates. Now we allow you to buy domains directly with one command. No barriers to publishing, by yourself your within a team. Domains include free DNS, can be pointed anywhere, auto-renew and have built-in WHOIS privacy at no extra cost. No gimmicks. 500+ TLDs (domain endings) for sale. To celebrate this addition, all `xyz` registrations until May 15th, 2017 will be just U$1! 📣 Available today 🔥
Tierney Cyren@bitandbang · Developer Advocate, NodeSource
Brandon Anzaldi@caffeinewriter · Software Engineer @ ToTheTens
@matheus This is how I'm going to end up with more domains than I could possibly know what to do with. Bravo!
Tierney Cyren@bitandbang · Developer Advocate, NodeSource
This is damn amazing. Beside the pure concept of buying a domain from the _command line_ (mind = blown), integrating it and streamlining it into how easy Now already makes deployment is absolutely 💥 On a technical side, I wanted to ask: what were some of the challenges with creating the actual domain purchasing process from the CLI? Were there any especially difficult challenges?
Matheus FernandesMaker@matheus · SVP, Engineering @zeithq
@bitandbang the integration into our pipeline is the main idea behind `now domains`: we were missing a simple way to "label" your application in a way that makes sense to your brand and your users. Now you can buy a domain and use it as a label in a matter of minutes, without ever leaving your terminal 😊 No need to switch context (and therefore loose time) 🔥 Yeah, we faced some challenges in the implementation, the biggest one being DNS/Nameservers propagation. Both are completely out of our control – they can take from a couple of seconds (for a .com domain) to days (for a .it domain). It can impact your workflow in a lot of ways, so we're continuously working on it to delivery the best experience 🔑
Imrat Jn@imrat · Affiliates Anonymous
@matheus which service are you using at the backend for the domain purchase ?
Gustav Larsson@gustavlrsn · Software engineer @pairhub @tryfreewrite
I love it! Buying domains is mostly a lot of clicks to decline various up-sells, this is a way better experience.
Sameer SontakeyHiring@sameerkat · CEO / Founder at Biostrap
Love everything the Zeit team is doing. Super dope!