Zapier for Teams

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Wade Foster
@wadefoster · Co-founder & CEO at Zapier
Heyo Product Hunt! Today we're launching the first version of Zapier for Teams to help teams benefit from automation. Creating team accounts was one of our most requested features and one that we've been working on for about a year now. We believe that everyone—no matter their role—can benefit from automation. Cutting even 5 minutes of work from your dai… See more
John Joubert
@johnjoubert · Maker. Breaker. Hacker. Works @GitHub
Fantastic work Wade and team! You guys are really building an amazing service!
Laura Roeder
@lkr · Founder, Edgar
Our company could not live without Zapier! Happy to see the teams product launched
Michael Gelphman
@mikegelphman · Founder, Dare Mighty Things
Tremendous job @wadefoster + team! Really enjoyed seeing the execution + journey over the years. Looking forward a big future for you guys!🔥
John Schuster
@johncschuster · US Operations Manager, Haiti Made
Congrats @wadefoster! Such a killer feature!