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Zapier is used by over 400,000 people to automate daily tasks at work so they can make better use of their day.
Zapier's great! I just wish they'd be able to add Squarespace to the list of supported apps, since that's where I host my blog/projects.
@stefgonzaga we'd love to have Squarespace support too, but they don't have an open API yet. :-( Let them know you want it here:
@wadefoster I filled the form a while back. :-) And hopefully Squarespace will do so soon! Keep up the awesome work.
What are the main differences between this and IFTTT? I've been using the latter for years and love it but curious why/if I should change.
@gillianim from my own experience, IFTTT is good for personal productivity, especially if you own various Internet connected devices. Zapier is great for all of your business automation needs and integrates with a lot of sophisticated platforms and tools that are not available on IFTTT.
@gillianim I made the switch for the very reason Francois pointed out. You can definitely stick with IFTTT if it already works for you, but if you're looking for something more extensive or an app you use isn't available, you can give Zapier a try.