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Hey PH'ers! @pjrvs, @zackgilbert, and I created YourPack for anyone who has a community and wants to give that community a place to meet, search, and further connect with other members. This isn't a social network. We aren't trying to compete with Slack. It's a simple tool that let's authors, online course creators, bloggers, vloggers, SaaS companies, Hummingbird Club Organizers, etc, bring all their fans/followers/customers together in one place to learn more about each other and connect. We didn't enjoy hanging out in Facebook Groups or on forums, so we built a product we'd want to use for our communities. We just launched Founding Memberships and will soon be moving to Monthly Memberships. You can view a Demo Pack here:
This looks pretty awesome! When I get $400 I want to sign up for the founding membership. Loads of things I can think for this!!! Landing page may be a bit confusing. Would suggest making it easier for people to checkout the demo video.
@bentossell have you seen this? We use it at my coworking space: https://slackdirectory.herokuapp...
@prestonattebery I havent - my reservation with that is that slack communities are difficult to do well with lots of people. This is interesting way to see who is in the collective group - not necessarily needing a slack group with it. Lots of groups can lead to an overload for sure. I have like 10 on my slack - look at 3 max (2 are work related)
@bentossell Fair enough. We have a slack community for our entire building. Slack facilitates the day-to-day conversations while we have a directory for info reasons only. It's less of a way to "build community" and more of a way to organize info about the existing members.
@prestonattebery yeh for sure.. I think im thinking of it in terms of little projects I have ideas for - building out targeted, specific, communities around X
@bentossell True, in that case. I would just create a basecamp and invite everyone involved.
I'm very intrigued and dig the design, but the landing page leaves me confused as to what this is for, to be honest. ๐Ÿค”
@rrhoover Same here. I also don't really see a feature list worthy of the cost.
@rrhoover we wanted to zig a bit on the landing page... not go the standard route of icons, feature list, etc that all SaaS companies go. Plus, we can always adjust based on feedback like this :)
I like this a lot, but $400 without a trial seems a tad punchy
@nickclement It'd seem like it, but my thinking is that if you have an online community that provides you enough income to support your lifestyle, $400 isn't much considering the added benefit.
@nickclement Hey Nick! Yep, we'll have monthly memberships and a free trial down the road, but we've found a fun way to launch our software products: Founding Memberships (giving our audience a great one-time deal) >> Once they're gone, close down membership and learn from users >> Once we've learned and added more features >> Monthly Memberships w/ trial yadda yadda :)
@brendanhufford Or an online community that doesn't make much money but is a bit more altruistic?
@nickclement Good point. My mom runs a nonprofit and she has people opt into a Google form and has a master sheet with contact and other info that everybody is then shared on. A great option if it's not a community that pays for itself.
I got early access to this and have already started playing around with it. I think it's the future of how to connect your community online. Facebook groups aren't cutting it any more and even Slack has its limitations. This is FANTASTIC.
@brendanhufford Are you even able to communicate member to member through this? If so, it's not documented very well on the website (or the product video). It seems like it's _just_ a directory.
@itsjoeturner yeah I don't think it's meant to be anything else other than that right now. Jason's reply above should be helpful. However, I've found that getting in touch with people in a community is SUPER easy. For example, I had a client slot available so I went into a community I'm on on YourPack, searched a few keywords that marked people I'd want to talk to, and then sent them emails about working together.
@itsjoeturner @brendanhufford Hey Joe, we plan on having some member communication in the future, for now, it's just a super simple to create directory requiring ZERO technical skills or plugins to install.